Marshalls luggage section has people going crazy

Have you been out shopping for luggage lately? The demand for luggage has skyrocketed after the global pandemic ended, people are traveling more than ever before. All around social media you will see for yourself, everybody is taking trips overseas. And many more people would love to take some trips overseas as well. Thanks to … Read more

Best carry on backpack with wheels

best carry on backpack with wheels

Greetings to the entire United States Of America, it is me the Luggage Maniac. I have good news for all my fellow Americans. This publication is a breakthrough in the way we all travel, a long time industry secret is going to be revealed in this publication. I urge you to make yourself comfortable while … Read more

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Best One strap backpack 2020 review and buyers guide

one strap backpack

Luggage Maniac is here with another explosive publication we dedicate this publication to all the one strap backpack lovers and newcomers. Often times we all find ourselves being prejudice towards backpacks that are not quite popular on social media. You too have been guilty of just showing love to only two strap backpacks. Within this … Read more

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Water resistant backpack: Buyers guide and product review

water resistant backpack in rain

The wet season is here and probably here to stay. Just kidding, it might not rain all year long but what is known for sure is that it will rain at any given time. For people on the go you need to get yourself a water resistant backpack if you haven’t gotten one already. Luggage … Read more

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Luggage wheel buyers guide and review

Do you own luggage that has broken or damaged wheels and don’t know what to do? That’s a real tricky one but nevertheless America’s leading luggage blog has all the solution which will solve your problem. If you were just about to dump that luggage with damaged or broken wheels stop and don’t move a … Read more

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Do packing cubes actually work?

packing cubes

Packing cubes?! All around the world people have been talking about them. They seem to be something most travelers just can not pack their luggage without. Also, with such a huge craze on social media about packing cubes as well as the buzz they have been receiving from travel bloggers worldwide. You just have to … Read more

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How often do you buy luggage?

Sorry to be so nosey but Luggage Maniac really wants to know how often do you buy luggage. Do you buy luggage once a year?, twice a year? or three times a year?, like how often do you go to the store or online to buy luggage. Whether it be luggage sets, carry-on luggage or … Read more

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Best MacBook Case review and buyers guide 2020

Macbook case

Do you love your MacBook? Welcome once again to America’s leading luggage blog, Luggage Maniac. What we have right here for you is a very groundbreaking as well as epic publication. Sure you read that amazing publication about MacBook sleeves, hope you went ahead and got a MacBook sleeve for your MacBook as well. A … Read more

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