9 Best Carry-On Luggage, For All Year Travel On All Airlines

Samsonite Winfield 2 hard side luggage

The Samsonite Winfield 2 hard side luggage is just the kind of gear that you may need for long travels. It is among the best by any performance standards and gives you no issues even if you were to stuff it up a lit bit more than the actual capacity.  

Specifics and Features

The Samsonite Winfield 2 hard side luggage is made up of hundred percent Polycarbonate materials. It comes with hugely noticeable zippers that encircle an equally large capacity space for putting your shoes, clothes of any sizes and even files.

While it is lightweight it still has the strength and structure to withstand a few rough collusion and extremes of weather.  The spinner wheels designed to turn 360 degrees and are always at the best of performance levels at any place or terrain.  

In order to assist the spinner wheels there is a light weight pull handles that are excellent when compared to other manufacturers. This makes mobility easier and multi-directional spin wheels give out admirable performance on any undulating surfaces.  

But best of all as you will instantly notice are the locking system that like all Samsonite luggage models has its own unique technology to deal with. These are the ways their large zippers get locked within the slots made for it with combination locks that are impossible to unlock by any outsider.

It also secures the entire luggage this way too.  


The locking system is perhaps the biggest pro apart from the fact that the material polycarbonate is definitely light as well as remarkably strong to withstand small time assault on it.  


The only negative issue one can find about this luggage is that it is a little expensive.  

[su_button url=”https://www.amazon.com/Samsonite-Winfield-Hardside-Luggage-Anthracite/dp/B071JC4VQL/ref=as_li_ss_tl?keywords=samsonite+winfield+2+hardside+luggage&qid=1564865769&s=gateway&sr=8-3&linkCode=ll1&tag=luggagemaniac-20&linkId=3856e64ef7466e833ae2c3ec6be80cab” target=”blank” background=”#e3101e” size=”10″]Read More On Amazon.[/su_button]


Best Buy in this range and also a one time investment. 

Kenneth Cole reaction out of bounds 20” hardside 4-wheel spinner

This is yet another great brand name in the niche area of luggage. Also if you are always traveling officially then you may find this to be quite lightweight. Even after you have stuffed a whole lot of dresses and shoes into it. 

Specifics and Features

The Kenneth Cole reaction out of bounds 20” hardside 4-wheel spinner luggage revolves quite easily in 360 degree and offers excellent mobility for those who are on their way to far off countries.

The 4 wheel quickly gives you relief from pressure on your arms while you move it on the road or at the airport.  By the same token being lightweight you can easily fully-load it without the fear of being charged extra for actual weight.

The material is that of ABS and you have some great exterior and different color options to choose from. You will find the interior quite fine with tear resistant works and molded corners that can resist fair amount of assault.

You will find the push button telescopic handle quite good and hassle free. The unique part of this luggage is that you will find the lid featuring a sizable U shaped zipper pockets that can be used for two sided packaging. 

Again, you will also find large zipper pockets inside that can be used to store smaller clothes/items supported by a good strap to keep everything in place. Additionally, you will find this luggage at par with the recommended size of TSA and IATA.

Backed by a ten year limited warranty it is a must have if you are going for some long tours.

Given the various advantages for avid travelers the Kenneth Cole reaction out of bounds 20” hardside 4-wheel spinner luggage is an amazing luggage to have as you need not worry about travelling with a lot of small baggage that proves more of an irritant than help.

Everything can be fitted right into this luggage. 


Just the size that is recommended for airplane travel and you has great color options to choose from. 


One of the biggest disadvantages with this bag is that it is made of ABS and not polycarbonate which means that it may not be that strong for your very rough use. 

 [su_button url=”https://www.amazon.com/Kenneth-Cole-Reaction-Lightweight-Hardshell/dp/B004TNOAXW/ref=as_li_ss_tl?keywords=Kenneth+Cole+reaction+out+of+bounds+20%E2%80%9D+hardside+4-wheel+spinner&qid=1564866172&s=gateway&sr=8-1&linkCode=ll1&tag=luggagemaniac-20&linkId=3eeb9d59c9aed34fe4a9da1deb1daefd” target=”blank” background=”#e3101e” size=”10″]Read More On Amazon.[/su_button]


You may not find too much to complain about as this luggage is worth your money, especially if you love to handle things with neatness. 


Chester carry on luggage 22” lightweight polycarbonate hardshell/ spinner

The Chester carry on luggage 22” lightweight polycarbonate hard shell /spinner is a luggage and perhaps one of the best that is available in this range.

It is often found to be the most preferred luggage for VIPs and those who prefer something famed for its durability, sturdiness and water proofing material. It has been regarded as unbreakable primarily due to the polycarbonate hardshell it possess and also due to the way it has been molded. 

Specifics and Features

It is considered lightweight and is only 7 lbs considering the fact that you can stuff many of your week long or fortnight travel kits and clothes into it.

It has some very interesting features inside for you and this may be seen with 2 very spacious compartments where you can stock most of your cloths. Then you have 3 interior compartments where you can stock smaller items. You also have a removable laundry bag so that you may separate both new and used cloths. 

Further, you have the 4 wheel spinner that operates 360 degrees and is quite strong and easily maneuverable. The ergonomic push button handle is another great feature and has two lock positions. 

The locks are operated by combination code and therefore quite secure and there is no worry to search for keys. Like many other luggage the Chester carry-on luggage 22” lightweight polycarbonate hardshell/ spinner also comes with its 10 year limited warranty.  

Since it is water resistant you may get going smoothly under any weather condition and none of your cloths would ever get spoiled.  


It is one of the best suitcases that your money can buy. 


There aren’t many cons except for its high pricing.  But consider this to be a one time investment as you wouldn’t have to look for another luggage in the future.  

[su_button url=”https://www.amazon.com/CHESTER-Lightweight-Polycarbonate-Hardshell-Suitcase/dp/B07C2M7JRW/ref=as_li_ss_tl?keywords=Chester+carry+on+luggage+22%E2%80%9D+lightweight+polycarbonate+hardshell/+spinner&qid=1564866616&s=gateway&sr=8-1-fkmr0&linkCode=ll1&tag=luggagemaniac-20&linkId=65645de346eb90d61bed34c09b1cd22f” target=”blank” background=”#e3101e” size=”10″]Read More On Amazon.[/su_button]


Buy one and you wouldn’t need a replacement for life.  

Xiaomi carry on luggage 20” front pocket spinner business double TSA locks

The Xiaomi carry on luggage 20” front pocket spinner business double TSA locks luggage is one of the best from China and is likely to hold its ground in the near future in a tough competitive international competition.  

Specifics and Features

The outer structure is made of German Bayer Polycarbonate material that can obviously resist strong blows or impacts.

This is only for the outer shell while another three layers follows that is made up of composite structural plates that are quite compressible. 

The surface resembles something like fine sand paper and surely quite attractive as the whole texture looks like it shines in all its glory. 

It is also a 20” luggage case which is devoid of compartments. You may therefore arrange your contents in an orderly manner.

There are again two multi-purpose bags that may easily hold one or two purses and mobile phones.

Then there is a net pocket where you may place a book to read on your journey. There is sleek pocket on the side where you may keep your pen or pencil.  

As far as your digital gadgets are concerned they can be comfortably kept inside a front compartment.

You also have a separate provision for keeping a 15” computer in another compartment.  

Like most luggage of this class you have an excellent 360 degree silent wheel to assist you in any kind of terrain and the push button handles are quite easy to manage and maneuver.  


A really good luggage when you are on a business tour as you may need few of your gadgets too handy.  


It may not be that tough for very hectic travelers. 

The thin polycarbonate shell may be a little depressing to some and may not withstand much assault. Again, the price is too high considering these negatives.  


Briggs & Riley baseline domestic expandable carry on 22” upright black

This is a luggage that has got a lot of pros and only a few cons, if you think these to be so.

The Briggs and Riley baseline domestic expandable carry on 22” upright black is pretty fantastic for any kind of journey and just about the size that most airline would accept.

It is the craftsmanship that gives it a few levels up when you take it along with you. Briggs and Riley baseline domestic expandable carry on 22” upright black is designed for its flexibility and apparent showy texture that gives it steady elegance wherever you go.  

Specifics and Features

The material this luggage is made of is hybrid fiberglass frame and is definitely lightweight and so you may easily haul it over steps with ease where the 4 wheels do not help in the process. 

It is durable and quite long lasting and added with a life time guarantee from the company you needn’t have any complaints on this front. It is seen that the company services and replaces any part throughout your lifetime which is big plus indeed.  

But the best part is still the space.

Although you have luggage on this range the Briggs & Riley baseline domestic expandable carry on 22” upright black has huge storage space where you can literally stuff a lot of things.  

The luggage has CX expansion and compression system which enables you to increase space area by around 25%. This is done with the help of two levers that are easily operated. 

The storage space of 50 liters is just amazing and you enough options to keep cloths wrinkle free.  There is also a large U Zip front pocket where you can keep items for immediate use.

Further, the mesh garment panel inside helps you to keep things steady and not shifting around.  


Best Luggage around for any kind of travel. 


The main con is perhaps the price which is around $569 but since you are buying for a lifetime then this is the best stuff available.  

 [su_button url=”https://www.amazon.com/Briggs-Riley-Baseline-Expandable-Upright/dp/B008M6ZD06/ref=as_li_ss_tl?keywords=Briggs+&+Riley+baseline+domestic+expandable+carry+on+22%E2%80%9D+upright+black&qid=1564866966&s=gateway&sr=8-1-fkmr3&linkCode=ll1&tag=luggagemaniac-20&linkId=afe660bdef694dbe7d347e3a1061c4b1″ target=”blank” background=”#e3101e” size=”10″]Read More On Amazon.[/su_button]


You should buy it if you have the money. 

Delsey Paris luggage chatelet hard+ carry on spinner suitcase hardcase

You will surely find Delsey Paris luggage chatelet hard + carry on spinner suitcase hardcase just the kind that gives you an aristocratic look. It is outright stunning in appearance and has some great features. 

Specifics and Features

You will find something special about the 4 wheels and this is that 2 wheels in the front of the luggage can be locked so as to avoid drifting all on a sudden when you are any public information center or airport. 

The wheels by itself are great and do not make noise which is really good.  The material is that of 100% Bayer makrolon Polycarbonate and is surely long lasting. This means you may use this suitcase in extremes of weather or temperature.  

Then you will find the telescoping handles allowing easy lift and haul. This is further assisted with additional side handles as well. As for the TSA lock it allows TSA agents only to open and therefore quite safe for you to take it anywhere. You will never need to have apprehension about strangers looking into your suitcase.  

You will also find fully lined interior with 2 compartments and this is again quite adjustable. The interior is provided with straps so that you may organize your packing. This means you may have separate spaces for garments and other small items. 

Also, you are able to demarcate your old cloths with new so that you may allow minimal shifting of cloths. Broadly this is one of the most affordable of suitcases given its flexibility and shock resistance.  


It comes with 10 years limited warranty too and you may still be able to haul it along for several more years. 

Also undoubtedly attractive and has all the ingredients of classic French design and capacity. 


So far there have been no such negativity about the suitcase and whatever cons have been reported may have been due to product specific issues. 

 [su_button url=”https://www.amazon.com/DELSEY-Paris-Chatelet-Suitcase-Chocolate/dp/B01HIATF5K/ref=as_li_ss_tl?keywords=Delsey+Paris+luggage+chatelet+hard++carry+on+spinner+suitcase+hardcase&qid=1564882393&s=gateway&sr=8-1&linkCode=ll1&tag=luggagemaniac-20&linkId=785cc2697951f5b53c3abe38d4af4238″ target=”blank” background=”#e3101e” size=”10″]Read More On Amazon.[/su_button]


It is surely a great buy for such a low price. The interior looks is great and you will never feel let down in places where there is a gathering of elegant people.  


Travelpro platinum magna 2 carry on expandable spinner suiter suitcase

The Travelpro platinum magna 2 carry on expandable spinner suiter suitcase is an ideal casual or business travel. It has been crafted from durable ballistic nylon with unique features like leather finishes and style. 

Specifics and Features

 It has 8 self aligning magnetic wheels that allow 360 degree rotation. Its three position Power Scope extension handle helps in minimizing wobbling affect while you are towing it. This is good so you may be able to walk it along with you for considerable distances without any awkward movements.

It also has cushioned Contour grip durable zipper heads and also contains a removable garment bag for keeping wrinkle free dresses separately.  The suitcase is around 7.9 lbs in weight and can give you ample space to put many of your cloths, shoes and gadgets for a vacation tour anywhere in the world. 

In fact, it has been provided with a main extension pocket where you can even keep a 16” laptop.  


There is a tri-folder suiter that folds up into itself a really great thing to have especially when you want your dresses wrinkle free for the next official meeting.

You will also find pockets on the compression straps for keeping smaller items and those for immediate use.  


The cons of this suitcase are that it is prone to tipping over especially when loaded.

Again, the luggage may not be able to withstand huge impacts and some people have felt this.  

 [su_button url=”https://www.amazon.com/Travelpro-Platinum-Magna-Expandable-Spinner-Suitcase/dp/B00X6JRN1G/ref=as_li_ss_tl?keywords=Travelpro+platinum+magna+2+carry+on+expandable+spinner+suiter+suitcase&qid=1564882782&s=gateway&sr=8-1&linkCode=ll1&tag=luggagemaniac-20&linkId=f2de3c9f7b3361fd01348422aa898aab” target=”blank” background=”#e3101e” size=”10″]Read More On Amazon.[/su_button]


However, for such low price this suitcase nevertheless serves well enough.  

Samsonite Aspire Xlite expandable upright 21.5 black

The Samsonite Aspire Xlite expandable upright 21.5 black is indeed a huge suitcase just made for traveling. It is tough and the design is superb and it comes in different color options so that you may get the one that is best for you. However, this review is all about the black.

Specifics and Features

This suitcase is perhaps much better if you are doing some rough and tough traveling. No real stains or tears would be seen as the luggage is pretty tough.  It rolls pretty well on its 4 wheels and you really get some affordable mobility with this suitcase.

And above all you can keep a lot of cloths, laptops and items of immediate needs quite easily and in an organized way too. It is expandable and therefore you may, if need be, try to squeeze in some items you have purchased from other places into it as well.  

You have a padded top and side and the carry handles do give you real comfort when you lift your fully packed luggage. The weight is around 7.5 lbs and the price is much cheaper for this kind of variety. You will find it competitive and given the fact that it carries Samsonite brand name gives it an elegance that you may show off.  

The interior of this luggage contains wet pack and also mesh pockets for better arrangement of your cloths and other items. The zipper pockets are really great and convenient while traveling and give you no issues.

You also have stash zipper pockets where you may stuff small items that are of frequent use.  


Brand name makes it tick and stay in demand. 


Although overall it looks remarkable and pretty affordable you may find the dimensions are bit misleading and also its locking system doesn’t come up to the standards of Samsonite brand.

You may find that the zippers do need improvement and may be prone to falling off during frequent travels.  

[su_button url=”https://www.amazon.com/Travelpro-Platinum-Magna-Expandable-Spinner-Suitcase/dp/B00X6JRN1G/ref=as_li_ss_tl?keywords=Travelpro+platinum+magna+2+carry+on+expandable+spinner+suiter+suitcase&qid=1564882782&s=gateway&sr=8-1&linkCode=ll1&tag=luggagemaniac-20&linkId=f2de3c9f7b3361fd01348422aa898aab” target=”blank” background=”#e3101e” size=”10″]Read More On Amazon.[/su_button]


Yet for this kind of price it is a great buy and would serve you well mainly for its multiple pockets including waterproof plastic pocket as well.  

Samsonite centric expandable hardside luggage with spinner wheel

This is one suitcase that comes with all the great features of the Samsonite brand yet quite affordable. In fact, you may budget one or two for your family with ease and still refrain from buying one of the more pricey ones from the same company.  

Specifics and Features

It is firstly made of 100% polycarbonate and this means that you may make use of it for any kind of travel practically.  The suitcase has scratch resistant texture and so you may be able to use the same for frequent traveling.

The spinner wheels move effortlessly and without hassles as is the case with all Samsonite products. You then have light weight aluminum tubes and full zip interior divide that comes with straps.  

It is however slightly heavier than others of the Samsonite brand and with reasons. The company has not compromised on standards yet to make it more affordable it has not made use of expensive light weight materials inside. It has only one locking position with TSA lock and has combination code of 3 digits while other Samsonite suitcases have better TSA locking system.  

This way many of the savings on expenses found its way for pricing and therefore the affordability.

Yet overall it is indeed a secure and great suitcase with expandable capacity that can be a little more than two inches after you had stuffed it full.  Inside the suitcase there are two packing compartments and both these are lined. You will find zippers on the line so that you may stuff a few of your secret items too. 

The bottom compartment has large zipper pocket and there are elastic straps so that you may keep your items quite safely.  On the top compartment is devoid of any pockets yet you will find a divider so that all your items remain safe. Besides, the divider is see-through and you may watch your items easily.  


Cheaper than many other similar brands. 


You will find the suitcase slightly heavier that is a con yet for this kind of pricing you cannot ask for more.

Again, it may scratch easily yet the texture is such it surely hides these scratches from sight of other fellow travelers.  

Overall, it is the best Samsonite suitcase at this low price so you needn’t worry about it and go straight out and purchase one.  

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