Best One strap backpack review and buyers guide

one strap backpack
Best one strap backpack.

Luggage Maniac is here with another explosive publication we dedicate this publication to all the one strap backpack lovers and newcomers.

Often times we all find ourselves being prejudice towards backpacks that are not quite popular on social media. You too have been guilty of just showing love to only two strap backpacks. Within this publication is a formal invitation courtesy of Luggage Maniac for you to consider a one strap backpack.

As time progress so does the advancements and sophistication in the design of one strap backpacks. The designs of one strap backpacks in the past are not the same as today. A one strap backpack is reliable, stylish as well as durable, most of them depending on the brand. A one strap backpack is proven to be very reliable, but unfortunately many travelers complain about the space limitation.

Here is why you should consider getting yourself a one strap backpack

You are a trendsetter, don’t lower yourself to the title of trend follower. Why would you wait until one strap backpacks are trending on social media before you order one online. Here is the deal one strap backpacks are just as durable and reliable just like their two strap counterpart. But wait a second, that’s not why you should consider adding a one strap backpack to your collection.

This is the mean reason why Luggage Maniac urges you to get yourself a one strap backpack…….

No more sweaty back and soaked armpits

Sweaty back caused by a two strap backpack.

Say goodbye to wet sweaty back and underarms. It is extremely uncomfortable to have a soaking back because of your two strap backpack. Especially when going for a job interview, first impressions really do last. Two strap backpacks always cause our back and armpits to sweat, as a result the back of our shirts become wet. Not to mention our underarms get soaked.

Wet/sweaty underarm.

As we all know by now that having a wet underarm when outside traveling is a horrible experience. The appearance is not the only problem the smell that subsequently follow is the real danger. That’s right excessive underarm sweating will lead to unpleasant body odor, something that none of us like.

By wearing a one strap backpack you can prevent your back and underarm from sweating. The evidence to support the claim is very obvious. Wearing a one strap backpack provides more ventilation to your back as well as your underarm.

Sweat deposited in backpack.

No more strain on both shoulders

Additionally, based on whatever you pack inside of your one strap backpack you will not feel any discomfort at all. With a one strap backpack you don’t need to worry about having pressure and strain on your shoulders. Depending on what you pack in it. Feeling little pressure on your shoulder from the weight of the items packed in your one strap backpack?

Problem solved! Easily change the position of the backpack to your other shoulder. It might be hassle but it is much easier than bearing the pressure on both of your shoulders. A fully loaded backpack might make both of your shoulders feel uncomfortable which is not a good feeling. Therefore, If one of your shoulders feel uncomfortable while wearing your one strap backpack you have the freedom of switching the position of your backpack to your other shoulder.

In such a situation one (1) is better than (2).

The best one strap backpack

Ok, this is the moment backpack lovers all around the world having been waiting for. Thank you for staying with Luggage Maniac this far, you all are appreciated.

Now here it is! The best one strap backpack in the entire world……

Under Armour unisex compel sling

View on the Under Armour unisex compel sling on Amazon.

The Under Armour unisex compel sling is currently the best one strap backpack. There is no other one strap backpack that can compare. Truthfully, you must have been uninterested in owning a one strap backpack in the past. But right now is the turning point in your life, you are about to fall in love with this backpack.

Durability is the main characteristic we desire from any backpack. Therefore its safe to say we desire the same from a one strap backpack. Still don’t believe that you are going to fall in love with this Under Armour backpack.

Well here is why you are going to love this one strap backpack.

The Under Armour unisex compel sling backpack is well-built, which is very unbelievable. Normally, one strap backpacks are of cheap inferior quality which is the main reason why you probably wasn’t interested in them at first. This one is of superior quality, extremely durable and made from strong material. Not to mention the fact that this one strap backpack is also water resistant.

Marvelous exterior.

This one strap backpack is very compact, even a pair of extra shoes can be tucked away in it and it doesn’t stop there. That was just the beginning, the space inside the backpack is what we all are excited about. As expected Under Armour did not disappoint us at all, they made this one strap backpack very spacious.

Spacious interior with a 15″ sleeve for your laptop.

Perfect for your MacBook or whichever 15″ laptop you have. You are going to enjoy the luxury and security that is provide by the built-in laptop sleeve. Our gadgets play a vital role in our lives, our lives just cant continue without our gadgets. That is why it is important for all of us to carefully select the right backpacks and even luggage that are specially built to securely store our gadgets.

Beautiful smooth surface that wont damage the back of your tee shirts.

This rear surface is a blessing from god, this smooth surface will not interfere with the fabric of your clothing. Other backpacks have Velcro type of rear surface which has the ability to defect clothing when in close contact. Especially for an extended period of time.

Pros of the Under Armour unisex compel sling backpack

  • Water resistant.
  • Made with very strong zippers.
  • Ample amount of space personal items.
  • Smooth rear surface that wont damage the back of shirts.
  • Soft and sturdy laptop sleeve that has the capacity to store any laptop up to 15″.
  • Backpack can be extended for more space thanks to cutting-edge feature that is controlled by the bottom zipper when opened or closed.

Cons of the Under Armour unisex compel sling backpack

  • Doesn’t have any external water bottle holders.
  • May cause skin abrasion around the neck if not positioned correctly on your body.


The Under Armour unisex compel sling backpack is currently the best one strap backpack. Affordability and durability are two of the characteristics that have elevated this one strap backpack straight to the top. Making it the perfect addition to your backpack collection. It just might be the best investment you’ll ever make.

The Luggage Maniac’s Conclusion

luggage maniac

For decades a little negative stigma has been attached to one strap backpacks, because of their quality. This publication is the bombshell, the game changer. One strap backpacks are amazing and the best way to prove this is by present to the world the best piece of evidence to back such statement. Once again your favorite luggage blog has made a positive contribution to the world. By simply suggestion the best one strap backpack for the entire family.

Thank you very much for precious time, you are truly appreciated. Also, if you found this publication to be helpful go ahead and share it with all the people you love.

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