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You love to travel so do I, but when it comes time to buy luggage it can be a very tedious task.

It is always a hassle to buy luggage as most times you simply don’t know where to start.

You might want to shop around for cheaper prices but the results might be undesirable.

As you might still not be pleased with the inventory of luggage that a particular store might have for sale.

Not to mention that you can still be hassled to buy luggage online, as it will be very time consuming to choose the right luggage.

As well as to know which of all the different varieties is strong and durable.

Whether it be a family trip or just a trip by yourself overseas, you will have to consider buying luggage.

To buy luggage is ultimately based on your personal needs, as you may need just a single bag or even a luggage set.

But look no further. is here to assist you to buy luggage.

A quick guide for buying luggage.


Most luggage are made with wheels.

Now what makes choosing the right luggage at times can be the decision to buy luggage with two wheels or four wheels.


Luggage with two wheels may give you less versatility when it comes to moving around.

As the wheels will only be able to move back and forth, which can be stressful when travelling with multiple pieces of luggage.

On the other hand.

Four wheeled luggage/suitcases can be easily maneuvered anywhere especially between the aisles of a airplane.

Which we all know can be very narrow and crowed before flights.

Also the ability to spin to a complete 360 degrees will make four wheeled luggage beneficial to your upcoming trip abroad.


Durability is the main thing we seek whenever deciding to buy luggage.

As we would love the luxury of having the same set of luggage for years to come.

But before you set out to buy any luggage you must determine the durability so you don’t end up wasting your cash.

Pay close attention to zippers

It is recommended that you take time to become familiar with the different types of zippers.

The two main zippers that are used on luggage are : Chain zippers and Coil zippers.

Chain zippers are by far the best, they are made of two sets of interlocking metal teeth.

These metal teeth makes the chain zipper strong and hard to break into.

By the same token

Coil zippers are made of polyester which slides on two parallel coils.

Coil zippers can be easily pulled apart with a pointed object, making them an inferior option.

Additionally, zippers branded YKK are generally known to be the most reliable.

Choose the right material

The material that makes the luggage is the first thing you see, feel and consider whenever you try to judge the durability of luggage.

You will have the option of choosing either hard-sided or soft-sided luggage.

Which can be very challenging as you will be sacrificing one benefit for another.

  • Soft-sided luggage will always allow you the luxury to pack that “extra item“.
  • Hard-sided luggage will guarantee protection of all you items packed inside, as it can not be ripped open or torn which is a major benefit when transiting through international ports of entries.
  • Soft-sided luggage can easily be torn and ripped right open.

Test the handle

Before buying luggage give the handle a pressure test by holding and shaking it to feel how sturdy the handle is.

Check that there is no shaking and rattling of the handle.

Handles that completely retract inside are great options as well.

Firmly attached wheels is a must

The wheels are normally vulnerable as they will be enduring extended amounts of pressure rolling on various surface/terrains.

Its is best to check that the wheels are attached with screws rather than rivets.

By the same token you will likely enjoy the durability provided by luggage with recessed wheels which are less likely to snap off while rolling.


I will be focusing solely on luggage nothing else.

This blog was made solely to help you find the right luggage for your next trip abroad.

I repeat, only the best of quality will be featured here.

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To conclude

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