Designer backpacks are on the rise

High fashion, we all love it. Luxury goods are on everybody‚Äôs wishlist. Designer backpacks are some of the most trending items. Luxury comes in many different forms, not only cars and mansions. But as backpacks as well, they became a major fashion statement and necessity for many people. Looking good has propelled to a whole … Read more

Best carry on backpack with wheels

best carry on backpack with wheels

Greetings to the entire United States Of America, it is me the Luggage Maniac. I have good news for all my fellow Americans. This publication is a breakthrough in the way we all travel, a long time industry secret is going to be revealed in this publication. I urge you to make yourself comfortable while … Read more

Best One strap backpack review and buyers guide

one strap backpack

Luggage Maniac is here with another explosive publication we dedicate this publication to all the one strap backpack lovers and newcomers. Often times we all find ourselves being prejudice towards backpacks that are not quite popular on social media. You too have been guilty of just showing love to only two strap backpacks. Within this … Read more

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