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Hi! I’m Luggage Maniac. Thanks for stopping by.

Created on April 19, 2019 just for you, to help you solve a few problems.

Problems that you face when it is time to buy luggage for your next trip overseas.

We all know that choosing the right pieces of luggage can be pretty stressful.

Especially in the case of an emergency where you will be required to travel urgently.

You will need luggage, the right luggage.

I will help you with all your luggage needs, you need not surf around on the internet for hours anymore in search of luggage anymore.

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You will no longer need to spend hours stressing on what luggage to buy, just com here and the rest is history.

Luggage maniac will provide you with detailed reviews of the most durable and affordable luggage.

Here is a list of the main inquires that will be reviewed by luggage maniac for your use:


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Additionally, luggage maniac is dedicated to adding value to all of our wonderful readers.

Therefore only fresh, unique and helpful content about the latest trends in luggage worldwide will be presented to you here.

It’s all about luggage, nothing else.

Luggage maniac is strictly about luggage, a dedicated luggage blog.

Not a travel blog.

Therefore you will not be seeing any publication that is solely about travel.

As time progress Luggage maniac will be the authority it comes to providing you with detail luggage reviews and updates.

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