Designer backpacks are on the rise

High fashion, we all love it. Luxury goods are on everybody’s wishlist. Designer backpacks are some of the most trending items. Luxury comes in many different forms, not only cars and mansions. But as backpacks as well, they became a major fashion statement and necessity for many people.

Looking good has propelled to a whole new level. It is now possible to make an elite fashion statement with your backpack. You will also be able to transport and commute with your valuables in an upper echelon manor. Don’t have to be a millionaire to look like one, plus you can feel like one for way less than a million bucks.

There are many people who will talk down on owning a nice designer backpack. While we are all free to share our opinions, it is up to each individual to take responsible for their lifestyle. We will help you to make up your mind if you are on the fence about these high class backpacks.

Stay with us and read till the end, brace yourself for what you are about to learn in this publication. Get ready for this exposure of secrets, after reading this article you will be somewhat of an expert.

It is evident that designer backpacks are the least advertised backpacks. We don’t see these backpacks being being marketed by all the big name fashion designers. Why is that though?

Well, there are many factors that contribute to the popularity of these backpacks. But here is the main reason why designer backpacks are so popular; The Culture.

That’s right, popular culture is the main suspect in the rapid rise of these beloved items. Because of the culture these luxury items are all up in our faces almost everyday.

The masses is easily influenced by big entertainers and celebrities.

Almost every music video has a special guest appearance made by a designer backpack. If you see your idol wearing a designer backpack you might become interested in owning one. If you don’t get the same exact brand you might buy a different one that is similar in style and quality. These backpacks cost more than regular everyday backpacks, the aura is elite. The price tags on these bags are no joke, as a result only a fraction of the population can afford them. Designer backpacks can run you about $500- $10,000 no joke about it.

Often times the retail stores don’t even put any price tags on these backpacks, that is a very elite gesture. The targeted demographics usually don’t inquire about price either, they just buy! Visiting a major fashion designer retail stores can be a real awkward experience. People in black suits hoovering around you watching your every move. Then they go ahead and ask you the big question “Need any help?” BOOM!!! At that moment you wish you had left the store before an associate approached you.

Designer backpacks for women

Women love the finer things that life has to offer, women deserve the finer things that life has to offer as well. This why we are exposing you to vital information about designer backpacks for women. Yes indeed, this is one of the ultimate upgrades to a woman’s collection. Level up! That is the feeling you will get after buying a brand new designer backpack.

Designer laptop backpacks for women

In many instances there is no significant difference in size and capacity. It is up to you to decide the purpose of your backpack. If the size of the backpack is big enough to carry a laptop please feel free to do so.

Often times there is no major difference in these backpacks size and capacity. I recommend you choose what purpose you will use your’s for. As there might not be any specific purpose suggested by the designer themselves. If you choose to use your backpack for your laptop feel free to do so.

On that same token, your comfort will forever be the main focus. With your laptop in your backpack you should feel comfortable while walking. In whatever backpack made by your favorite designer.

So here are a few tips to consider before getting a designer bag for your laptop. The following are simple logical tips which are valuable.

1. Size

The most obvious thing to factor in before getting the bag for your laptop. Will it fit? Take some time to do research and learn about the various sizes.

2. Material

Genuine leather is the most common material used to manufacture designer backpacks. This is like an instant indicator of high quality. Also, there are high quality options made from fabric as well.

3. Strap durability

Let’s keep it simple, if the straps are weak don’t even bother to apply too much pressure. Matter of fact, do not buy a designer backpack that has weak straps. Not worth it at all.

Designer backpacks for men

These days men are going extra hard to showcase their fashion, looking good is a vital aspect of daily life . The luxury lifestyle is what many men strive to portray, while most can only dream of doing so.

But let’s face it, you can’t live the lavish life without looking the part. The cars, the home, pretty girlfriend, nice clothes and to top it off a nice backpack. A backpack or tote made by your favorite luxury brand. You know how it is these days, with the major impact that social media has on the global population. Also, music and minstream entertainers influences all the latest trends in fashion.

It seems like one group of people set the tone and decides what everybody else should wear. The trend..

Designer laptop backpacks for men

Currently only a few designer laptop backpacks for men are available on the market. But we are confident that in the very near future we will witness a flood of them on the market. Fellas don’t become disappointed by this. It is also important to know if your backpack can properly store your laptop.

Most laptops are much bigger in size than the average designer backpack, please keep that in mind. Laptops are rarely carried in designer backpacks.

Large designer bags

Large designer bags are highly sorted after, they seem to be a hot commodity. You can use these bags in a variety of ways. Often times you might see people use them as luggage. No matter what you use it for there will still be an incredible aura surrounding the bag.

Small ones as well

Small designer backpacks are fantastic, they are very spontaneous. They give you enough space to store your essential items as well as a little bit more. Perfect for a night out with friends at a party, a small designer backpack has huge ability to save your life.

What are some leading designer backpacks

Most major luxury brands have backpacks available on the market. They market their backpacks as the greatest thing on earth then distribute them to retail stores. You the consumer would now have to choose whether to buy in store or online. I went ahead and made a compilation of some of the top designer brands that makes backpacks.

Here they are…


Designer backpack

A great brand indeed, with some very strong products and magnificent styles. Fendi is way up there on the list of all time greatest luxury brand. They maintain a level of simplicity with designs. Also, they provide a high level of craftsmanship to their loyal consumers.

With some of the best quality products on earth their backpacks are very difficulty to buy. They are always sold out. People that are fashion fanatics love the brand and everything they create. People flock the big name retailers and outlets to splurge.

It is quite obvious why people flock this brand. They are amazing and built to last, proven over the years.


Designer backpack

This is by far the most talked about designer brand in modern history. the first name that comes to mind when speaking about high fashion is….. Gucci!, for most people at least.

Gucci has been on the top of the list for many years. Courtesy of their captivating marketing campaigns the brand is a mega brand. Not to mention, free marketing given to them by celebrities over the years. Thousands of songs made reference to the Gucci brand. Not to mention the massive number of music videos that showcase the latest styles made by the brand.

The name Gucci ring bells worldwide, it seems as if they are the gold standard. Some people even classify Gucci as being the Harvard university of luxury brands. Many people hope to own at least one item made by this particular brand.

Do you want to own a Gucci backpack?

Louis Vuitton

Designer backpack

Louis Vuitton is the next massive brand. This is another major brand that has been heavily marketed by celebrities for FREE. This is very funny, have you ever seen a commercial anywhere for Louis Vuitton backpacks? No, right?

Also, this brand will be among the top three (3) for many more years to come. Unlike many high profile designer brands, LV is prestigious with an elite status that we have grown to for ages.

On the the corporate side of things they have been on a massive spending spree. Buying out many major luxury brands, as well as expanding their reach into new markets.

Did you know that Louis Vuitton’s parent company owns Hennessy?


Designer backpack

Over the years MCM has become the most accessible designer brand. Not to be disrespectful to anybody but MCM is less prestigious at the moment. The elite status has been on the decline for this brand.

This is still a major designer backpack that will forever be in high demand. People share the view that a MCM backpack is an entry level designer backpack. They are affordable compared to many luxury backpacks on the market.

Additionally, MCM backpacks are often times readily available and easy to purchase. You can check your local Macy’s, Tj Maxx,

Century 21 or even Nordstrom rack. Prices may vary at each retailer.

Do you agree about MCM’s declining status?

The Luggage Maniac’s Conclusion

I want to close out by saying Thank you for reading. Hopefully this blog post helped you, as well as added value to your life in a way that is genuinely beneficial.

Designer backpacks have been around for many years. But they have never been in high demand like they currently are. They are some of the many items that cost top dollar to own. The marketing campaign for these luxury goods are tremendous. Eventhough Gucci don’t advertise their backpacks on the popular media outlets often. Why should they? When they have the help of the booming entertainment industry.

Celebrities are like freelance marketing executives for all these

luxury brands. Most of them provide free advertising. Fans are easily influenced by their favorite movie star(s) or musician(s). They are willing to buy anything their favorite celebrity wore on the red carpet or at any popular event.

But hey, what do you think about all this? Go ahead and join the discussion by leaving a comment. Also, don’t forget to share this article with all the people that you love and care about.

Until next time, stay safe.

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