Do not borrow luggage

Marijuana found in luggage.

Have you ever watched the National Geographic channel’s series called “Locked Up Abroad”?

People have gotten arrested at overseas airports on allegations of trafficking drugs and on counts of money laundering. America’s favorite luggage blog has been watching the Series Locked Up Abroad and has seen many travelers get arrested.

These travelers are arrested because of whatever they had in their luggage while attempting to enter various countries port’s of entry. When held by the police and questioned many of the travelers express that they are not the owners of the luggage they are traveling with. They have either borrowed the luggage or had someone else back their luggage for them.

Now, Luggage Maniac cares for all of our loyal supporters, regular readers and even new readers alike. We do not want any of you to get detained overseas because of any errors with your luggage. Therefore America’s favorite luggage blog- Luggage Maniac, urges you all not to borrow luggage from anybody.

In these times of global crisis at ports of entries, do not borrow luggage. We want you all to be in the clear. As it is not a good look to be escorted by the police in a room for questioning, nor is pleasant experience either.

If you do happen to borrow luggage whether it be a carry-on or even a luggage set we urge you to thoroughly search the luggage to ensure they are empty and clean of anything unfamiliar.

Drugs in luggage

When we say drugs in luggage we are referring to illegal drugs, such as cocaine and high quantities of marijuana. Luggage Maniac is against the trafficking of illegal drugs through ports of entries worldwide.

On the same toke we urge you all not to take part in any illegal activity which includes smuggling drugs across the borders. Getting caught at the airport with drugs in your luggage will result in a devastating outcome. You will be embarrassed officials at the port of entry when you are found with illegal drugs in your luggage.

At first it might seem fun and lucrative to smuggle drugs across the borders, but do not fall for such foolish illusion.

Dog sniffing for drugs in luggage

No amount of money on the face of this earth could be more valuable then your freedom. It is not a wise idea to carry drugs in your luggage. Luggage Maniac is on a campaign against drugs coming to America via our ports of entries.

Often times people get caught up into the lifestyle of getting quick cash as a result they turn to drugs smuggling. Here is a video for further reference…

Alleged flight attendant ran away after TSA found drugs in her luggage.

As you can see in the video clip above, an alleged flight attendant’s luggage was checked and drugs was subsequently found inside of it. That’s a disgrace, very unethical behavior from somebody that nobody would expect it from- a flight attendant.

A young man got caught with drugs in his luggage.

Its never a wise idea to lie to the immigration officers, as you can see in the video clip above. The gentleman was very suspicious, your luggage is always scanned by the x-ray machines.

so please don’t ever fall victim to illegal crime syndicates that might recruit you to bring drugs in your luggage to other countries.

The Luggage Maniac’s Conclusion

Borrowing a luggage set or even letting a friend or family pack your luggage can sometimes cause huge problems. The Luggage Maniac advises you all to trust nobody with your luggage. Anybody can set you up by purposely placing drugs or other illegal substances in your luggage.

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