How often do you buy luggage?

Sorry to be so nosey but Luggage Maniac really wants to know how often do you buy luggage. Do you buy luggage once a year?, twice a year? or three times a year?, like how often do you go to the store or online to buy luggage. Whether it be luggage sets, carry-on luggage or even a backpack.

Luggage Maniac believes that the quality of the luggage us travelers buy has a lot to do with how often we buy luggage. The quality of our luggage has more powerful impact on how often we run down to our favorite luggage authorized dealer store to buy new luggage, compared to how often we travel.

You can still buy luggage without traveling- does that make any sense to you?

Cheap luggage is not strong luggage, strong luggage is not cheap.- have you seen that phrase anywhere before? If not Luggage Maniac just might get it copywritten.

Look you love Luggage Maniac just as you love to travel, it might be the other way around but you definitely love both.- You wouldn’t be here right now reading this viral publication if you didn’t. Facts!

Don’t be a cheap grump, cheap grumps always cheat themselves of quality. If you are a cheap grump please take no offence. Luggage Maniac does discriminate nor promote towards people.

But lets all face the harsh reality that buying luggage twice or even three times per year makes no sense.

Strong Luggage

The Goal is to Save money and have a extraordinary travel experience. Not to waste money and have a encyclopedia loaded with regrets from your last trip. To achieve this very beneficial goal of saving money as well as avoiding all the regrets and bad experiences, you must invest in strong luggage.

Don’t fall prey to all those adverts that you see in the print media, television or even online about cheap luggage. Do not go for cheap, instead aim for Affordable.

Luggage Maniac fully endorses the idea of you seeking to purchase/invest in affordable luggage. Cheap luggage are always of inferior quality. Why carry your most valuable possessions into a luggage that is “Cheap”, it makes no sense at all.

Cheap luggage always have faults, just stop for a quick moment and just imagine…. Just a imagine that you rolling your luggage into the airport, then BAM!! the wheels of your breaks off and roll away.- How would you feel?

You are a very smart person, too smart to embarrass yourself in public like that. Luggage Maniac loves you way too much to let you do such a thing, that is why we suggest that you invest in luggage of a superior quality. Say NO! to cheap luggage.

So, the next time you feel the urge to search on google for “cheap luggage” just remember that might end up with a bag full of regrets. You would be better off searching for Travelpro luggage sets or even Samsonite hardside luggage.

Just always remember that Luggage Maniac is America’s leading luggage blog, our word is the gold standard in the industry. We care about You, the others care about your money. That is why they don’t dedicate any of their time to give you any powerful knowledge that will help you.

We love and appreciate you.

Thank you very much.

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