How To Pack A Suitcase

Everyone travels, few regularly and others rarely. Whatever be the purpose of travel, one certain thing is that travelling is a significant part of everyone’s lives.

Travelling is fun but not every time. People have luggage which can be packed perfectly or can prove to be an arduous task. Carrying essential item needs meticulous planning and not doing so can result in:

  • Losing valuables
  • Overweight baggage
  • Messy spills
  • Disorganized luggage
  • Breakage of valuables
  • Over packing
  • Forgetting important items
  • Skipping relevant belongings

To keep the above troubles in check, the vacationer requires the best way to pack a suitcase. Packing a suitcase surely seems like a manageable task but there is confusion in the minds of people when packing.

Speaking of suitcases, these rectangular shaped bags have retained its shape since centuries. They are among the earliest and the most popular packing elements. It is tough to recollect the voyages that suitcases have gone through; from wool, linen, wood, polyester, leather, metal, plastic, fiber and composite recycled materials.

In current times; handles, wheels, GPS, smart lock and control via Smartphone application have made suitcases truly powerful and smart. Is your packing smart enough?

Types of suitcase

Before moving forward on how to pack a suitcase; let us consider other essentials.

Whether you are vacationing or going on an official trip, the size of the suitcase is interconnected with the type of trip. If planning to fly, you need to check the rules and regulations laid by the airport authorities.

On road trips, a person is free to select storage according to their comfort. But it is recommended to pack the contents of the suitcase appropriately to avoid any difficulties. If one is cruising, the type of suitcase, as well as the size, should be suited to the cabins being provided by the cruise.

The style and type of suitcase certainly fluctuate with the mode of travel and the purpose. The amount of stuff carried when a family trip takes place and when an individual goes for an official visit certainly changes the dimensions of the suitcase.

Below are common types of suitcases available for the travelers:

Two-wheel suitcase: Carrying a suitcase is no more a trend when you have the option of wheels. Roll away your luggage with these rollers on any uneven surface.

Four-wheel suitcase: Spinner suitcases have no stress on the shoulders or back of the user. The maneuvering is easier even in tight spaces.

Hard Shell suitcases: Contents packed inside are safe from breakage and have better security than other types of cases. The durability and waterproofing are typical features of these cases.

Soft Shell suitcases: These are lighter and comfortable cases and can absorb shocks better than any other variant. All the above are the models which have taken hold of the market in current times.

Suitcase packing tips

There is no perfect or best way to pack a suitcase, but there are tips for the travelers to follow.

There are simple tips which every packer should take care of. Whenever one is planning to leave home, they are often confused about what to take along with them and what to leave behind.

A Person keeps on looking for ways to pack the essential in the best manner possible, and there are plenty of people who depend on others for managing their trip packaging.

That sounds absurd but is true. Many people do not have the slightest idea on how to pack a suitcase. Below are a few tips which you can apply on your next trip.

Go for the standard size: Never move ahead on a trip with a bigger size suitcase. When a person purchases a big sized suitcase and carries the same on vacation; they are certainly bound to gather items more than required.

The bigger the size of the suitcase the more items a person tends to pack into it. Carry a standard sized case to shell only salient things. Unimportant stuffing increases the weight and troubles of the packer.

Layout: There is no category as “Just in case” because these items are not essential and can always be bought if the need arises. Lay out the items, think twice and edit the items properly before stuffing them into the suitcase.

This way you shall avoid items that are of least importance and pack every vital piece. Your packing list needs to be checked and properly managed.

Kit for toiletry: For packers, it is paramount to make sure all toiletries are packed into a separate kit. The number of small pouches tends to leak or spill easily, and as such, it is better to have a separate kit for them.

Moreover, it is easier to access toiletries when kept together. It is recommended to keep the kit in easy reach, most probably on the top of your suitcase.

Use every inch: Packing requires little skill on the part of the packer. Every inch of space in the case needs to be utilized.

A person who can fill the space is the one who knows the best way to pack a suitcase. Arrangement and allotment of items can be stuffed in different ways but stuffing it exactly needs a strategy.

Best way to pack a suitcase

Packing strategies are needed to pack clothes and other stuff to be packed efficiently. Packing involves multi-tasking like protecting the belongings, managing space, keeping all essentials and wrap fragile items with care. There is a constant confusion about whether to go the easier way or take time arranging the items.

There are concerns for the packer whether to organize the stuff or leave it disarranged. Whether to save space or stack without space efficiency. Whatever methods one feels comfortable with is the choice of the packer. Let us deduce a few ways, and you can use these on your next travel plan.

Folding: This is the most common method of packing by the users of suitcases. It is easier to do, and the rectangular shape of the case further makes the packer to pack the clothes in rectangular or square sizes.

Maximized space efficiency is not completely possible in the folding method. The usual mindset is to pack the same types of clothes folded on a similar pattern. Moving the stuff as it is when you reach is the positive point of this method.

Bundling: If you are not worried about wrinkles, then this is the best way to pack a suitcase. Bunch of your clothes is packed together and wrapped with smaller items like socks or undergarment.

The space in this way is better utilized and the outfits do not take time to be folded and packed. The method works well for short trips or on unofficial trips.

Rolling: A great way to maximize space in your suitcase is by rolling clothes. When compared to other methods, rolling saves loads of space. Wrinkles do increase in this compact way of packing.

So, if you plan for a longer trip and have several clothes to deal with, rolling the shirts, t-shirts may create space.

Compression Packs: Often puzzled on how to pack a suitcase, here’s one more way to pack your essentials in a suitcase. There are space saver bags or compressed packs which put clothes inside them and keep the air and vacuum out. These are zip-lock small bags which can hold a few pieces of clothing in them. Keeping bulky items is easier and safer with these small bags.

Packing Cubes: This is a preferred method by many travelers as they find it the best way for packing stuff. The clothes remain intact and organized with these cubes. Space though is not saved as intended but the separate packing cubes help the packer to make different blocks of clothes according to one’s personal preference. Packing cubes are travel accessories which are easily available.

Whenever you think about how to pack a suitcase, there are always these above methods to choose from.

But when the question of the best way to pack a suitcase arises it depends upon the trip you may be proceeding on. There are no set rules that folding or bundling method is best for you and according to your trip, the best methods are all of the above.

A certain trip requires wrinkle-free packing while a vacation needs more space. Long trips need no organization but plenty of space so rolling the clothes may be recommended.

The method to imply is your call but the ways will help you. The best way is to test the methods, measure the number of clothes possible to be arranged and mix the different styles to pack sensibly.

Select the right size of a suitcase for your next trip and make sure to apply various methods before deciding in the best way to pack a suitcase.

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