8 strong luggage sets to consider for your upcoming trip

When it comes to packing for a trip, we all want to take along a miniature home along with us.

Right from an extra pair of clothing to a medicine box, there is everything that goes into it. Some of it comes to use; the rest comes back as it is. For all of this and more, there is the need for luggage that is strong enough to withhold all the things that we take along.

With luggage fitted with wheels on them, travelers no longer need to carry luggage on their backs, and a simple tug at the trolley does the trick. If you are like me and planning for a long trip overseas soon, here is a quick guide to help you choose the right luggage set for you and your family.

1. Timberland 3 piece Hardside Spinner Luggage Set

Being considered one of the most famous brands that manufacture durable luggage and strong luggage sets, Timberland has been around for a very long time. While there are several products that they own, the Timberland 3 piece Hardside Spinner Luggage Set is something that everyone looking for lightweight luggage should opt for.

Made with hard shell durable material, it is something that gets a sturdy look to itself. With three sizes to its name, it is available in the sizes 28 inches, 24 inches and 20 inches that is perfect to fit in all your necessities for a family trip.

With a combination of 245 litres of packing space, it is perfect to last for about a month if you are travelling alone.

With 360-degree spinner wheels, it is easy to pull, push or even walk along with it. The linings are watertight, and so you need not worry about the safety of your belongings if the weather plans to be abnormal.

Whether you are a businessman, a corporate or a family as a whole, this luggage set can make you look stylish as a traveller.

Timberland offers a guarantee of 12 months for all their products. While taking necessary precautions to ensure that their luggage is free of defect, they help out with free replacements and repairs for any damage within 12 months. This doesn’t apply if there are accidents or any sort of misuse with the luggage.

While being one of the first contenders for light-weight luggage, the Timberland 3 piece Hardside Spinner Luggage Set is something that several find suitable for their travels and adventures. It is easy to carry, pack in a lot of things at once as well as making way for ease of travel.


· It is made up of ABS material that is covered with Polycarbonate film that makes it hard on the exteriors

· The manufacturer helps with a 12-month warranty on damage and issues with the physical condition of the luggage

· It is light-weight making it easy to roll around with

· 360-degree wheels for ease of pulling or pushing

· It is stylish and classy while making you feel like a fashionista


· With spinner wheels attached, there is no guarantee on it being long lasting

· The zippers aren’t that sturdy

· The rubber layer on the wheels may wear off

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2. Coolife luggage expandable suitcase 3 piece set with TSA lock spinner

If you are looking forward to a trip that is more focused on travelling and enjoying an outing, the Coolife luggage expandable suitcase 3 pieces set with TSA lock spinner is what you should buy for yourself. With the luggage available in three sizes as that of 28 inches, 24 inches and 20 inches, it is a great companion when you have a long vacation planned. If you are travelling alone, you can carry your home along.

With 360-degree spin wheels attached to the bottom, it can be moved in any direction you like. Whether you intend to pull it, push it or walk with it, it is equally feasible while making you put in zero efforts and saving you from a broken back or a painful shoulder.

Being a hard shell covered luggage and one of the choicest strong luggage sets, it may look bulky when compared to the soft luggage available at the stores. It is something that protects your belongings from damage. It is waterproof, and so no matter what the weather is at your travel destination or probably on the route, your belongings are safe. The insides are spacious with nothing extra taking up space. You can pack in stuff from corner to corner while being assured that your belongings are intact.

The handles of the bags are made up of aluminium while making it a sturdy thing to lift and carry. It isn’t nimble or soft, and whether pulled up or down, you can hold them well and carry the bag around without any trouble.


· Made up of ABS material that keeps it hard without breakage

· The wheels of the bag aren’t noisy and are smooth when moved

· Lightweight and long lasting while accommodating a lot of stuff

· It is trendy to look at while giving you a stylish look when carried along


· The outer cover may not be as reliable

· During impact at the airports, it may give way to cracks

· The wheels aren’t that trustworthy and may need frequent replacement

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3. American Tourister AT pop three piece spinner set navy, one size

While American Tourister is a brand name synonymous to good quality luggage and strong luggage sets, there are multiple types of luggage that it has to offer to people. Depending on the budget as well as the requirement, you can make a pick on the luggage that you want. One such easy to own luggage brought forward by them is the AT pop three piece spinner set.

Whether you travel alone or with your family, buying the three piece spinner set makes it reasonable rather than buying multiple single piece luggage. This falls in their soft luggage range and is made up of polyester on the outsides.

With three different sizes to it, it makes it easy for you to segregate your belongings well especially when you plan a long vacation. Available in 29 inches, 25 inches and 21 inches, it makes it easy for you to put in stuff and organize them well.

While being fitted with telescopic handles, spinner wheels, cushioned handles in the sides, multiple pockets to put in titbits and little stuff that you remember at the last minute, it makes a complete package. It is easy to hold and carry along wherever required.

On one side of the insides is a mesh casing to put in your essentials and the other side includes X straps that help you keep your clothes in place. These straps prevent movement while keeping your clothes ironed and wrinkle free throughout. There is a zip compartment that allows an expansion of around 2 inches but only if required.

The bags are attached with 360-degree spinner wheels at the bottom that allows them to move 360 degrees. Whether you are walking with it, pulling it or pushing it, it makes you put in the minimal effort when who are moving from one place to the other. The wheels prevent you from carrying it around while saving you from a back sprain.

These bags aren’t lightweight as the rest in competition but when it comes to accommodating stuff in it, the AT pop three piece spinner set wins.


· It comes in multiple colours, but Navy seems to be more in demand

· It comes with a 10 year manufacturer’s warranty

· It has four spinner wheels for easy ground movement


· The wheels aren’t smooth on carpets and rugged terrain

· It isn’t lightweight and can get heavy with more belongings

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4. Olympia Denmark 3 piece luggage set

While Olympia Denmark USA isn’t something that would come to mind when you plan to buy luggage for your trips, it is a brand that has a lot of demand amongst those who have used their products and know of the quality band designs that they come up with. One of them is the Olympia Denmark USA 3 piece luggage set that comes in six different colours for you to choose from.

Made with ABS material, it is one of those hardcover and strong luggage sets that is known to be durable as well as waterproof. If you encounter rain during the trip or even when travelling from one place to the other, you can rest assured that your belongings are safe and dry.

The bags are attached with 360-degree spinner wheels that made transits smooth. You do not have to carry it on your back or lift it off the ground when moving on foot. Simply pulling, pushing or moving along with it would make it a smooth affair for you. You do not receive strains and sprains, and you can travel in peace.

It comes in three sizes – 29 inches, 25 inches and 21 inches that are expandable up to another inch or so. Each of them has an end to end space inside where you can put in your belongings without having to waste space. With mesh zips and a clear zip pouch to put in your essentials, you do not have to look for things while having to open up the bags.


· It is expandable whenever you need extra space

· There are hidden pockets that allow you to store essential stuff

· There is a wet zip pouch at the bottom


· There is no lock to the bags for added safety

· The wheels may not last for long especially when dragged through rough terrain

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5. Kathy van Zeeland Croco PVC luggage set 4 piece expandable suitcase with spinner wheels

While Kathy van Zeeland is a brand name for strong luggage sets that is soon catching up the likes of the rest, people have started liking it for the looks it boasts. Made with PVC material and boasting a crocodile skin texture, Kathy van Zeeland Croco PVC luggage set has a finish that is glossy and stylish. There are only a few luggage brands that have come up with PVC luggage and thus allowing Kathy van Zeeland to be in demand.

The 4 piece luggage contains a Dowel bag measuring 16 inches, a shopper measuring 17.5 inches, a wheeled trolley measuring 21 inches and another wheeled trolley measuring 30 inches. While the first two bags can be used as cabin baggage that can be carried along in your hand, the other two gives you the ease of pushing, pulling or walking along with it.

For each of the bags in this set, all of them are spacious with nothing taking up useless space. For the wheeled bags, there are side cushioned handles that make it easy for you to lift them whenever required.

PVC, in general, is known to be durable, and when there is luggage created with it, it would have better longevity. Being lightweight, it is a perfect luggage set when you intend to travel light without many bulky bags accompanying you. While being stylish and smart, you get to boast a luggage set that is classy due to its glossy exteriors.

Whether you are a man or a woman, you can carry them around while looking equally stylish. It could be a solo adventure trip or a business trip; it serves both purposes equally while making the rest get a whiff of the sense of style that you own.


· It is highly stylish due to the crocodile skin pattern and glossy finish

· The PVC put into manufacturing the luggage is durable and sturdy

· Each of the bags is spacious while making you plan your packing well


· Due to the smaller bags, it may not accommodate all your stuff like the 3 piece sets

· It has a short 2 year warranty that doesn’t suffice

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6. Tommy Bahama mojito four-piece luggage set

When it comes to the luggage manufactured under the brand name Tommy Bahama, the Mojito range is something that several buyers have found beneficial as strong luggage sets. Unlike the general 3 piece wheeled luggage sets, this comes with 3 wheeled bags as well as a duffel bag that allows you to put in essentials and using as cabin baggage when travelling.

The Tommy Bahama Mojito four-piece luggage set is something that allows you to make your pick on the right size of luggage depending on the span and type of travel. If it is a short trip, you pick the small bag while for a month-long trip alone or with your family, you can take along all of it depending on your requirements. The 4 piece luggage set includes one duffel bag measuring 12 inches along with 3 wheeled bags measuring 28, 24 and 20 inches respectively.

The wheeled bags have 4 spinner wheels making it easy for you to take along. Whether you pull, push or walk along, it is something that would make you put in the minimal effort while moving.

Made up of durable polyester material and basket weave trim, it is something that would promise you better longevity as well as more space inside. You can pack your belongings end tp end without having to worry about leaving out space. Being expandable up to an inch or so, you can put in anything extra at the last moment without having to worry about space. It has extra pockets for putting in essentials while making it extremely spacious.

The manufacturers of Tommy Bahama Mojito four-piece luggage set have kept in mind the impact luggage face at airports during transits, and it keep your luggage safe, they have made use of the best quality zippers as well as polyester.


· It is built beautifully to accommodate all belongings

· It is expandable while giving way for more space

· It is stylish yet giving about a casual look

· It comes with a 5 year manufacturing warranty that protects from damage to the bags


· It is not lightweight as the rest in competition

· It can be expanded by may exceed size requirements at the airports

· There is no guarantee on the polyester

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7. Samsonite Omni 3 piece nested spinner set with luggage accessory kit

Samsonite being a popular luggage brand that holds a reputation of coming up with durable products and strong luggage sets brings to you something marvelous and perfect for your travelling expeditions. Whether you are out for a holiday or a business meeting, these bags tend to keep things subtle and formal. Made of Poly-carbonate (PC), it is something that is sturdy and durable.

With three different sizes of wheeled luggage, they measure 28 inches, 24 inches and 19 inches respectively while making you choose the right one depending on your travelling needs. It could be just for a day’s trip or for a month long vacation with your family, this set of luggage serves as a perfect companion.

The Samsonite Omni nested spinner set has all of its bags fitted with 360-degree spinner wheels that allow smooth movement of the bag wherever you take it. Whether you are walking along with it, pushing or pulling it, you do not have to put in any sort of effort while keeping away back problems, sprains and strains.

Unlike others in completion, these bags are fitted with TSA approved locks that keep your belongings safe and secured especially when you have to leave them unattended at the airports. Being sturdy in appearance, it doesn’t have extra pockets on the outsides, unlike its soft covered counterparts.


· Multiple colours to choose from

· Being made entirely of polycarbonate, it is strong and sturdy

· It is spacious inside with an option to expand whenever required

· It has a TSA lock to protect your belongings


· It is a bit expensive compared to the rest in the competition

· No extra pockets on the outsides

· The spinner wheels are single

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8. Steve Madden 4 piece luggage with spinner wheels

While it may not be as popular as the other luggage brands in the market, Steve Madden is soon catching up the likes of the famous brands out there for strong luggage sets. No matter what is your age or gender, you would fall in love with the Steve Madden 4 piece luggage set due to the design it boasts. Available in multiple attractive colours, this is something that you wouldn’t regret owning.

The 4 piece set includes a satchel measuring 18 inches and three wheeled bags measuring 29, 25 and 21 inches respectively. While the satchel comes along as an added baggage to the three wheeled bags, it serves as great cabin baggage or something to put in your essentials while travelling. Whether you are out for a day or for a month, this luggage set suits your requirements well. You can make a pick depending on your requirements and travel comfortably.

Made up of nylon that is lightweight, these bags make travelling a breeze. With 360-degree spinner wheels and a telescopic handle, you can easily move around from one place to the other with your luggage. You do not need added support or help and can easily pull, push or allow it to glide alongside when you walk.

Available in three colours, the black one is more in demand than the rest of them. The purple coloured bags aren’t any bad either and are something that is easily identifiable when at the airports.


· It comes with a good 5 year warranty against physical defects and damage

· It is stylish and suitable for all travel types

· It is made up of durable nylon that ensures better longevity

· It is lightweight making it easy to carry around


· There aren’t many colours to choose from while making it a dull option

· The exteriors receive bruises and marks easily due to the impact

While all of these are strong luggage sets to consider before your trip, it should eventually bee your decision after check all aspects well.

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