Luggage wheel buyers guide and review

Do you own luggage that has broken or damaged wheels and don’t know what to do?

That’s a real tricky one but nevertheless America’s leading luggage blog has all the solution which will solve your problem. If you were just about to dump that luggage with damaged or broken wheels stop and don’t move a muscle. You will be surprised to know that the solution is not to dispose of your luggage that has damaged or broken wheels.

The plain and simple solution is to replace those damaged or broken wheels with new luggage wheels. That’s right fix them, no need to dispose of your luggage, not to mention the fact that installing new replacement wheels on your luggage is not as difficult has it may seem to be. No need for any visit to any authorized luggage dealer stores, you can easily replace your luggage wheels in the comfort of your home. Hassle free as well as saving a few extra dollars in the process.

What do you have to lose? come on now lets be innovative here, why pay somebody who is without a doubt not smarter than you just to replace the wheels on your luggage?

You are apart of the most prestigious family in the entire world; The Luggage Maniac Family. Don’t you ever forget that, don’t let some dude in the luggage shop laugh at you behind closed doors after charging you a hefty sum to replace your luggage wheels.

The cost of luggage

Couldn’t resist but to squeeze this in here just for you. This is just a quick reminder that the cost luggage is not cheap especially is you are purchasing luggage sets. The average cost of a single piece of high quality luggage is roughly over $100. Why let your money go to waste by throwing away your luggage just because of a broken or damage wheel(s). Not to mention spend extra money on that same piece of luggage by paying somebody to do something simply that you can do for yourself.

Take Luggage Maniac’s word for it, you can easily change the broken or damaged wheels from off your luggage. All it is going to take is willpower, you have nothing to loser. Not to mention the fact that purchasing replacement wheels are often times 100x cheaper than to buy a new piece of luggage or even let the authorize dealer replace the wheels on your luggage for you.

Where to buy replacement luggage wheels

Replacement luggage wheels are very hard to find, of high quality and from a trusted seller. Not all businesses have the best interest of their customers at heart. Therefore at the time of publishing this article Luggage Maniac could only recommend that you source and purchase all of your replacement luggage wheels from

With Amazon you can easily pick choose and refuse which replacement luggage wheel to buy. Also ultimately selecting the vender of your choice based off your personal preference as well as reviews.

America’s leading luggage blog has done the hard work for you already by finding the right luggage replacement wheel for you. Here we present to you all;

Eric & Leon 2 Set of Luggage Suitcase Replacement Wheels with ABEC 608zz Bearings

Marvelous set of luggage replacement wheels.

So far the best luggage replacement wheel for sale online. Known to be available in various sizes this set of luggage replacements is the solution to your problem. As ridiculous as it may sound, this set of luggage replacement wheels will surely save you a massive amount of cash.

Simply because you wont need to dispose of your luggage and purchase a brand new luggage or luggage set because the wheels are broken. No need for none of that. Especially if you own a Samsonite or Travelpro luggage set, here is your grand opportunity to just replace the broken or damaged wheels with this set of luggage replacement wheels.

Luggage Maniac guarantees that you will be totally satisfied with your decision to put this durable luggage wheel replacement set to work.

We know that you are a person that is strictly about quality and durability. That is why you came here!, that is all Luggage Maniac shares with the world. Quality and durability, therefore recommending this luggage replacement wheel set to you was a no-brainer.

The bearings on these luggage replacement wheels are steel ball bearings. Making them much stronger than the original wheels that were built with your luggage. If in doubt go ahead and do the research for yourself and you will be amazed to learn that most luggage manufacturers use plastic sleeve bearings in their luggage.

Look at those precision engineered steel bearings.

Also, installation of these luggage replacement wheels are made very easy courtesy of the required tools that are included with the purchase of set of Eric & Leon luggage replacement wheels. This is absolutely convenient to all of the us the valuable consumer that don’t have time to hassle with replacing a luggage wheel. No need to be borrowing the neighbor’s adjustable wrench. Not to mention driving down to home depot to buy on just to replace a few luggage wheels.

Next time your luggage wheels break or become damaged don’t just throw them away in the garbage. Replace the wheels with these luggage replacement wheels, what do you have to lose?

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The Luggage Maniac’s Conclusion

luggage maniac

It has been a while we haven’t touched base with the multitude of Luggage Maniacs worldwide. This is a banging way to reconnect with you all.

Broken luggage wheels has been a growing concern among many luggage owners and even prospective luggage owners. People worldwide have luggage in their luggage with broken luggage wheels and they are fed up and ready to dump that luggage in the garbage.

Luggage Maniac urges you all not to get discouraged if the wheels on your luggage become broken, there is hope. Do not get angry and throw away your luggage because of a broken wheel. Instead remain calm, smart as usual and just replace your broken luggage wheels.

Thank you very much for dedicating your valuable time to reading this resourceful publication. Sincerely hope that you found this publication about luggage wheels to be helpful. Do not forget to share this and other Luggage Maniac publications with all the people that you deeply care about.

You are truly appreciated.

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