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Congratulations! America’s leading luggage blog has been waiting a very longtime to help you take your luggage collection to the next level. This internationally acclaimed publication will be the first of two publications that will work relentlessly to help you learn about luxury luggage brands that you should have in your life urgently.

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Luggage Maniac think it is about time you turn your travel experience up another notch, you work very hard. Therefore you deserve to travel to your vacation in style. There is no other way to travel as an elite without having elite luggage, why not join Luggage Maniac and gain some luxurious knowledge about luxury luggage brands.

Having luggage made by luxury luggage brands will bring an aura that you have never experienced before. Don’t cheat yourself, treat yourself to a elite luggage from one of these luxury luggage brands. Luggage Maniac knows that you will be happily satisfied with your decision to own your first luxury luggage from one of these luxury luggage brands.

Luxury luggage brands for your consideration

Here at Luggage Maniac we often speak about very affordable luggage as well as very affordable luggage brands. So, for the first ever in our history of being America’s favorite luggage blog we will be speaking about luxury luggage brands.

The luxury luggage brands for the travels that like to travel in style and can easily afford luxury luggage.

Louis Vuitton

louis vuitton luggage
Louis Vuitton carry on luggage.

A dream come through for many women around the globe, Louis Vuitton is without a doubt a top ranking luxury luggage brand. We been known Louis Vuitton for their luxury clothing, Louis Vuitton is a elite brand. As a result their elite status hasn’t been negatively impacted when they ventured off into providing the world with luxury luggage.

Truthfully speaking, Louis Vuitton is more of a lifestyle brand. Therefore, as a person who personally loves the brand Louis Vuitton you wouldn’t think for a second whether or not to buy luxury luggage made by Louis Vuitton. You would just do it, purchase Louis Vuitton luggage


Tumi luggage

The name was inspired by a Peruvian ceremonial knife, without a doubt the name accurately suggests it all about this luxury luggage brand. Tumi luggage is cutting edge not to mention that Tumi is also elite. From the conceptualization straight up to the phase of creation, Tumi has always been a luxury luggage brand.

High quality is a nice way to describe Tumi’s line of luggage but unfortunately the term “High Quality” is not good enough- Believe it!

Once again, are you sure you are ready to upgrade your luggage? Just always remember the luggage brand Tumi, one of the selected few luxury luggage brands that aren’t hard to find.

Congratulations!! if you happen to live in New Jersey you are sure to easily find an authorized Tumi luggage outlet where you can go to and become more familiar with the Tumi luggage brand. On the same token you all might be wondering why out of all the states here in America Luggage Maniac went ahead and place emphasis on New Jersey.

Well you don’t have to wonder anymore here is why. In 1975 a gentleman by the name of Charlie Clifford founded the luxury luggage brand Tumi in South Plainfield, New Jersey. From the year 1975 up to this current day Tumi has maintained its status of being a high-end suitcase and bag manufacturer.

Do you know the luggage brand Samsonite? of course you know Samsonite luggage sets, Luggage Maniac has quiet a vast number of internationally acclaimed publications about Samsonite luggage. Luggage Maniac is not that recognized the prestige of Tumi’s luggage.

Samsonite a leading luggage manufacturer was fully aware of the competition that Tumi was bringing to the luggage manufacturing industry as well as the elite luggage that the luxury luggage brand was providing to travelers worldwide. As a result Samsonite International S.A went ahead and acquired Tumi Holdings, inc for a whooping $1.8 billion dollars.

That is how marvelous Tumi is, we urge you to get familiar with Tumi luggage.


Rimowa logo

Just like fine wine Luggage Maniac would like to present to the world a luxury luggage brand that has been in full operation for almost two centuries, founded in Cologne, Germany by a gentleman by the name of Paul Morszeck. Give a round of applause for Rimowa.

Ladies and gentlemen what we have here now is ordinary luggage brand. What Luggage Maniac is sharing with you at this point of the publication is among the greatest luggage brands that has made some of the greatest sets of luggage that has ever been made manufactured.

Straight facts no fluff, Rimowa is a luggage manufacturer that provides only the best of the best luggage forward to pack and travel with. Rimowa is probably the first to build their luggage with aluminum, it wasn’t until about the year 2000 did Rimowa introduce polycarbonate in box construction. As a regular traveler and luggage lover you might know by now the aluminum made luggage for more stronger than polycarbonate.

Aluminum made luggage are premium luggage that are truly built to last which is without a doubt why they are worth the buy.- Upgrade today and give Rimowa a try.


Ever since being founded in 1952 Bric’s dedicated all of their energy as well as expertise towards crafting some of the finest luggage and leather goods that are surely built to last.

This Italian luggage brand makes luggage for travelers just like you, sophisticated luxury luggage brands such as Bric’s makes you have to stop and wonder if everything made in Italy is always the best.

The extremely gorgeous Kier Mellour showcasing the built to last Bric’s luggage.

If you like luggage that is made with genuine leather, then you are going to love Bric’s luggage. Almost all of their luggage if not, all of leather is built with genuine leather included. Whether it be the accent of the luggage or the handle of their duffle bags, genuine leather is included.


A relatively young brand compared to others that have been featured on America’s leading luggage blog. Just like a young man flirting with a older woman, age is just a number. That same statement applies to the luxury fashion brand Off-White which was founded in 2012 by Virgil Abloh, an American creative designer.

The Cutting-edge founder of Off-White Virgil Abloh with one of Off-White’s carry-on luggage.

Do you remember when Luggage Maniac said “sometimes you have stop and wonder if everything made in Italy is the best”?

Well here we go again another Italian luxury brand. Off-White is a luxury fashion brand, luxury fashion is what they are mainly known for. But the sky is the limit which is why Off-White probably went ahead and ventured off into creating their own line of luggage.

Luggage Maniac went ahead and did the hard math for you, here it is: luxury fashion brand + luggage = Luxury luggage brand. In this case that is exactly what Off-White is, a luxury luggage brand. A large number of distinguished figures in the fashion and entertainment industry has been seen openly sporting clothing made by Off-White as well as traveling with Off-White luggage.

The Off-White brand is already well known and still rising to higher heights, which is unbelievable as we have never witnessed a Off-White Tv commercial.

How is this possible?


gucci luggage

The highest-selling Italian brand according to many business and fashion magazines around the world. Gucci is a magnificent luxury fashion brand as well as luxury luggage brand.

Our favorite celebrities wear Gucci, we all love Gucci.

Gucci is everywhere even right here in front of you, therefore Luggage Maniac has decided to end it right here.- Life Is Gucci.

The Luggage Maniac’s Conclusion

Sometimes life is more exciting when we try new things as well as add totally new additions to our lives. Adding new luggage to our luggage collection from any of these luxury luggage brands will provide a whole lot of spice to our overall travel experience.

Luxury luggage sets the tone of any trip whether locally or internationally. Being the owner of luggage with elite status is a great feeling. Also, you can expect to be treated as an elite member of society at the airports while rolling through with your luxury luggage.

At the hotels it is the same treatment, hotel doormen and bag handlers are guaranteed to rush and assist you with genuine care. Just remember to give them a tip.

Owning luxury luggage that are made luxury luggage brands brings a aura like no other. Luggage Maniac officially endorses the ownership of luxury luggage.

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