Best MacBook Sleeve – Reviews and buyer’s guide

Don’t you need a MacBook Sleeve for your MacBook?

Without a doubt you will need a MacBook sleeve, a MacBook is by far the most beautiful laptop on the face of the earth. MacBooks are sleek and gleaming like diamonds. Protecting your MacBook will prove to be a real lifesaver in the long run.

It is no secret that your MacBook is one of your biggest investments. Why not secure your MacBook from scratches and other cosmetic damage. Luggage Maniac loves MacBooks, we urge you to protect your MacBook by putting it in a protective as well as comfortable MacBook sleeve and also transporting your MacBook in a MacBook sleeve.

Seeing a MacBook scratched up says a lot about you as well as your personality. We are against MacBook abuse and MacBook negligence. It is very distasteful to look at a MacBook that is scratched up, knowing that all of that could have been prevented.

America’s favorite luggage blog is on a campaign to help MacBook owners worldwide to take care of their MacBook while traveling and on a daily basis. This publication is the Luggage Maniac’s tool to spread the word; Protect your MacBook.

We have some valuable information that we are eager to share with you, so continue reading this international MacBook publication we guarantee you will learn more about protecting your MacBook.

MacBook Sleeve

Black MacBook in a Black MacBook Sleeve.

We all know by now that your MacBook is a very elite laptop, your MacBook is the Harvard of laptops. So why not treat your MacBook the way it deserves to be treated, the way it was made to be treated.

Safe and well protected, that’s how a MacBook deserves to be treated. A MacBook sleeve is the ideal refuge for your MacBook, without a doubt you are going to need a MacBook sleeve.

Whether you are transporting your MacBook in your backpack or your luggage, your MacBook needs to be in kept in a MacBook sleeve. While being kept in a MacBook sleeve you trust that your MacBook will be safe from being scratched up.

Even in your backpack and luggage your MacBook can get scratched up if it is not kept in a MacBook sleeve. Don’t you ever drop your guards with your MacBook, don’t ever drop your MacBook either.

Many luggage has compartments for laptops, we know that for a fact. What we don’t know is if we allowed anything to get trapped in our luggage’s laptop compartment. If by any chance we had a foreign object trapped into our luggage’s laptop compartment that could case a disaster for us. Especially if the object has a sharp edge, the size doesn’t really matters its the sharpness of the object that matters.

On the other hand having a nice clean MacBook sleeve will prevent you from damaging your MacBook. Also, having a MacBook sleeve will prevent those scratches that we just spoke about from happening.

MacBook Sleeve air 13 inch

KECC Laptop Case for New MacBook Air 13″ Retina

View this MacBook sleeve air 13 inch on Amazon.

This is what we call a value pack, its a fully loaded package. What is included is what you will most definitely need for your MacBook Air. Included is a MacBook air 13inch sleeve, MacBook air 13 inch case as well as a keyboard cover.

The design is beautiful, just looking at the whole appearance of this MacBook air 13 inch sleeve set it reminds us of Rome. It reminds us of Rome because of its resemblance of marble. The material that was used to build many now historic monuments in Rome.

With a bundle like this you will be happy, Your MacBook air will be happy as well. We highly recommend this set for you. But if you only need a MacBook sleeve and not set with a MacBook air case included then I suggest that you continue to read this publication.

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Tomtoc Laptop Sleeve for 13 Inch New MacBook Air with Retina Display A1932

View this MacBook sleeve air 13 inch on Amazon.

We present to you all the James Bond of MacBook sleeves, don’t you ever judge the book by the cover. Tomtoc laptop sleeve for 13 inch MacBook air with retina display is stealth, with a simplistic design.

Built with premium neoprene material, which will provide your MacBook air with cutting edge and outstanding comfort for your MacBook while protecting your MacBook from external scratches.

This Tomtoc MacBook sleeve provides a very simple yet cutting edge feature which is its protective flap in the top of it’s interior. This protective flap serves diligently to prevent the zipper from internally scratching your MacBook.

Macbook air 13 inch sleeve
Display of the protective flap.

You demand the best here is one of the best MacBook sleeves for your MacBook air 13 inch. Do not hesitate we urge you to check it out today!

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Kinmac 360° Protective 13 inch-13.5 inch Waterproof Laptop Case Bag Sleeve with Handle for 13.3” MacBook Air

View this MacBook sleeve air 13 inch on Amazon.

This is a world premiere brought you by America’s favorite luggage blog, so thank us later for presenting to you all the kinmac 360 protective 13 inch waterproof laptop sleeve with handle.

The comfortable interior of this MacBook sleeve.

We stake our reputation on it that the five star quality of this MacBook sleeve will amaze you. Just looking at the interior of this MacBook sleeve you can feel the comfort, makes you wish you were a MacBook.

The reliable handle of this MacBook sleeve.

Additionally the whole design of this MacBook sleeve is brilliant unlike many MacBook sleeves on the market, this Kinmac MacBook sleeve has a very reliable and comfortable handle. Such a simple feature makes a very huge impact not to mention the extra outer pocket.

The cutting edge designed outer pocket of this MacBook sleeve.

The outer pocket is definitely not for decoration, the outer pocket of this specific MacBook sleeve is a relevant utility. On the same token having this Timtoc MacBook sleeve is such a gem that will brighten up your life as well as your MacBook’s.

Having this MacBook sleeve will without a doubt add so much value to your daily operation that you might no longer see the need for a backpack. We urge you to buy this MacBook sleeve if you are serious about the care of your MacBook.

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MacBook Pro Sleeve 15 inch

Tomtoc 360 Protective Sleeve for 15 Inch MacBook Pro with Touch Bar A1990 A1707

View this MacBook Pro 15 inch sleeve on Amazon.

We hope that you know by now about the superior quality of Tomtoc MacBook Pro sleeves. If not sit back and let America’s favorite luggage blog affirm the premium quality that this Tomtoc 360 protective sleeve for 15 inch MacBook Pro with touch bar will provide you with.

As a smart MacBook Pro owner you desperately desire the highest quality MacBook Pro sleeve to keep your MacBook Pro inside of. Whether you are packing your MacBook into your Backpack or inside of your carry-on luggage, it is highly recommended that you store your MacBook Pro inside of a MacBook Pro sleeve.

Now would you look at that, look at all of that. Why settle for less when you can reward your MacBook Pro with the best. This Tomtoc MacBook Pro sleeve is the Mercedes Benz of MacBook pro sleeves.

You can expect this MacBook Pro sleeve to be spill resistant as well as shockproof. The zippers on this MacBook Pro sleeve closes with a grip that is tighter than a lobster’s claw. Take our word for it as we stake our entire reputation on such claim.

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Incase slim sleeve for MacBook Pro retina 15”

View this MacBook Pro 15 inch sleeve on Amazon.

While being very simple this MacBook Pro retina 15″ sleeve is more of a minimalist type of MacBook sleeve. The design is very minimal, no outer pocket or anything like that.

But you can rest assure that this MacBook Pro sleeve will provide your MacBook Pro with the protection it deserves. As well as the reliability that you desire from a MacBook Pro sleeve.

This MacBook Pro 15″ sleeve is a real upper echelon MacBook Pro 15″ sleeve that is built to last. The only down-side of this MacBook Pro Sleeve is that it has no handle or outer pocket compared to previously discussed MacBook Pro 15″ sleeve.

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Runetz MacBook Pro 15 inch sleeve

View this MacBook Pro 15 inch sleeve on Amazon.

Are you looking for MacBook Pro 15 inch sleeve that is built with premium quality neoprene?

Then look no further what we have here now is one of the best MacBook Pro 15 inch sleeves. Not to mention the fact this MacBook sleeve is among a very few MacBook Pro sleeves that have been highly rated and highly reviewed by many extremely happy MacBook Pro 15 inch owners across the entire United States that have been amazed by the quality as well as the reliability this MacBook Pro sleeve has delivered.

The interior is amazing, we guarantee that your MacBook Pro will remain looking brand new. Your MacBook will be lavishly tucked away firmly into this Runetz MacBook Pro 15 inch sleeve.

Lets not forget about sleek outer pocket of this MacBook Pro 15″ sleeve. precision-engineered to store your MacBook’s accessories such as AirPods, mouse and charger for your MacBook Pro 15″.

Finally, before we close off we want to show a lot of appreciation to the cutting-edge zippers that makes all the security features possible. These zippers are the blueprint of your MacBook’s 15″ safety. Don’t hesitate for a second, go ahead and check this Runetz MacBook Pro 15 inch sleeve out today.

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The Luggage Maniac’s Conclusion

luggage maniac

America’s favorite luggage blog hopes that you were able to make your final decision on which of those amazing MacBook sleeves to buy for your MacBook. Your MacBook’s appearance says a lot about you. As a very smart MacBook owner Luggage Maniac also hopes that you have been fully informed by this publication about the importance of storing Your MacBook in high quality MacBook sleeve that is built to last.

Truthfully speaking it don’t make any sense to own a MacBook and not own a high quality MacBook sleeve for it. We stand behind this claim.

DISCLAIMER: Before buying any MacBook sleeve check to ensure that the sleeve is compatible with your MacBook’s model.

Darn it!, we have arrived at the end of another internationally acclaimed publication. Don’t forget to share this publication on your favorite social media platform with your friends and family.

Thank you all.

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