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Have you been out shopping for luggage lately? The demand for luggage has skyrocketed after the global pandemic ended, people are traveling more than ever before. All around social media you will see for yourself, everybody is taking trips overseas. And many more people would love to take some trips overseas as well. Thanks to social media influencers.

Now, with such a high demand for luggage people are on the hunt. We all know the regular brick and mortar outlets as well as online marketplaces to buy luggage. These popular online luggage vendors are often times out of stock. So, what do you do now?

Here is a little secret.

Take a quick visit to your nearest Marshalls, that’s right they have top quality luggage in stock. This might be shocking to some as Marshalls has always been a seller of affordable clothes and shoes. So the question is; does Marshalls sell luggage? The answer is yes they do, and we are going to dive deeper to expose the various brands that are in stock at Marshalls. But before we do that let us get to know a little more about the store it self.

Marshalls department store: A quick introduction

If you are not familiar with the department store Marshalls, this section will tell all you need to know. Founded in 1956 in the state of Massachusetts by Mr Alfred Marshall and company. This is by far the number one stop for many Americans when looking to buy top brands at a much lower price. With over one thousand (1000) stores all across the nation as well as one hundred (100) stores in Canada. With that said, there is a Marshalls store in every single state here in the United States Of America.

People love this store as if it was a sports team, the founding fathers did an excellent job where marketing and customer service is concerned. Not to mention, the line up is always fantastic.

Luggage brands sold at Marshalls

Does marshalls sell luggage in their stores? Yes, a wide variety of luggage is in stock at marshalls stores all across the nation. You may be a bit skeptic about the quality of the luggage sold at marshalls, but you need not be. Most if not all the major luggage brands is in stock, the quality is also superior.

Here are a quick list of brands to expect when buying luggage at marshalls:

  1. Timberland luggage
  2. Samsonite luggage
  3. Swiss luggage
  4. Juicy couture

Those are by far the four (4) most readily available luggage at marshalls, you can go there at any time of the year and buy those. Many other brands are available as while, but that depends on the store that you visit. Never will the line up disappoint you, the styles are trendy and various colors are available as well.

Whether you are looking for hardshell or regular fabric luggage, they got it. Even TSA approved combination luggage locks are available as well. You might show up one day and find a nice Samsonite spinner luggage for sale, who knows? Better yet you might buy your best carry on luggage in Marshalls.

Why are the luggages cheaper at Marshalls?

Unlike many stores and outlets that sell luggage, marshalls is not a dedicated vendor. As a result they don’t stock the latest styles, or even a specific brand that you might be crazy for. Like with everything they sell, it is most times after season goods.

You won’t be able to buy a suitcase that you saw on a television ad, because they only seem to sell after season goods. As result the prices are always lower than most stores. Most times the prices are anywhere from 25-75% lower than other stores. Even though the luggage might be after season and not the latest trend/style they remain valuable. Many stores will sell them for regular price. That is not the case at Marshalls.

Will my luggage be returnable?

Yes you can, the return policy is amazing. Within 30 days after buying any luggage at marshalls you can return it at any marshalls store. If you have your receipt you will be eligible for a exchange or refund, whether it be by cash or card. What if 30 days have passed and you would like a refund but you don’t have your receipt available, no need to worry.

Even without your receipt you will be able to a refund but only in the form as a in-store credit. Also, the luggage must be new and un used.

Advantages of buying luggage at Marshalls

A few advantages of buying luggage at marshalls are:

  • Luggage at marshalls stores are always cheaper than other stores
  • Luggage sets are available at most stores
  • Top brands are at marshalls
  • Amazing return policy
  • No taxes charged on purchase

Disadvantages of buying luggage at Marshalls

A few disadvantages of buying luggage at marshalls are:

  • Marshalls is not a dedicated luggage vendor, not all brands and styles will be available
  • Most of the luggage are not new releases

The Luggage Maniac’s conclusion

Luggage Maniac

Respectfully speaking we believe that Marshalls is a phenomenal department store, they carry a large variety of goods. Luggage Maniac ranks them high on the list, you can shop there and get almost everything for your home and personal use. Luggage sold at Marshalls are of the highest quality, they seem to only source and sell premium quality luggage. Depending on your luck you might find designer luggage on sale, the prices are always affordable.

It is a proven fact that you will be able to purchase some nice luggage at Marshalls for up to thirty percent below the regular price. Also, depending on which location you go to your purchase will not attract taxes. That means if you are purchasing a bag for lets say $39.99, that will be the exact amount you will pay for it at the cash register.

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