How often do you buy luggage?

Sorry to be so nosey but Luggage Maniac really wants to know how often do you buy luggage. Do you buy luggage once a year?, twice a year? or three times a year?, like how often do you go to the store or online to buy luggage. Whether it be luggage sets, carry-on luggage or … Read more

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Best MacBook Case review and buyers guide

Macbook case

Do you love your MacBook? Welcome once again to America’s leading luggage blog, Luggage Maniac. What we have right here for you is a very groundbreaking as well as epic publication. Sure you read that amazing publication about MacBook sleeves, hope you went ahead and got a MacBook sleeve for your MacBook as well. A … Read more

Luxury luggage brands

Gucci logo

Do you know anything about luxury luggage brands? Are you ready to take your luggage collection to the next level? Congratulations! America’s leading luggage blog has been waiting a very longtime to help you take your luggage collection to the next level. This internationally acclaimed publication will be the first of two publications that will … Read more

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Wallet brands 101

Wouldn’t you like to keep your cash and cards into a built to last genuine leather wallet? Are you very confuse about which wallet brands to trust? Congratulations!!! you have came to the right place, continue reading this publication. Luggage Maniac has done all the hard work for you already. Luggage Maniac has done many … Read more

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Best MacBook Sleeve – Reviews and buyer’s guide

Don’t you need a MacBook Sleeve for your MacBook? Without a doubt you will need a MacBook sleeve, a MacBook is by far the most beautiful laptop on the face of the earth. MacBooks are sleek and gleaming like diamonds. Protecting your MacBook will prove to be a real lifesaver in the long run. It … Read more

Do not borrow luggage

Have you ever watched the National Geographic channel’s series called “Locked Up Abroad”? People have gotten arrested at overseas airports on allegations of trafficking drugs and on counts of money laundering. America’s favorite luggage blog has been watching the Series Locked Up Abroad and has seen many travelers get arrested. These travelers are arrested because … Read more

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Different backpacks and the popular backpack brands that make them

different backpacks

First of all, we would like to take this brief moment to welcome you to America’s favorite luggage blog. It is a pleasure to be having you here with us once again, we hope that you have already packed and ready to go with us. The main discussion will be about different backpacks, the high … Read more

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Best Samsonite Luggage Sets review and buyers guide

samsonite storefront samsonite luggage sets

Samsonite luggage sets are one of the most demanded luggage sets by travelers worldwide. We all know that the brand Samsonite has made its solid reputation over the past century by providing the world with very reliable luggage. Many luggage brands create luggage sets, but unfortunately only a selected few are worthy to compete against … Read more

Travelpro luggage sets are some of the best in the world

When it comes time to travel abroad for extended periods of time whether it be a long vacation, or even migration. You are going to need enough space to pack all your belongings. Most times you have so much important stuff to bring with you one luggage is not enough, you are going to need … Read more

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Luggage bags are forever

How long have you been traveling? What they don’t want you to know is that luggage bags are forever, that’s right luggage bags will always be in high demand, in season and always trending. Often times you plan on taking a quick trip or go on a short vacation, but you do not want the … Read more

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