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Hey there! you have made it to yet another amazing blog post. We aim to expose to the world one of the most demanded backpacks made by the luggage brand Travelpro. By now many of you must be familiar with the Travelpro brand. Their luggage sets are great not to mention their spectacular line up of carry luggage. Now, it has been alarming to learn that many of you are unaware that backpacks are also made by Travelpro.

Well, there is no need to feel disappointed as I am here to expose something brand new to you. The backpack that you are going to learn about is a major innovation. Demanded to the point they become sold out online in mere minutes after restock.

Travelpro is a pioneer and trailblazer in the luggage industry. Within the professional luggage niche they are giants. Next time you are in the airport and about to board your flight look around and observe. You will see that most of the flight attendant’s and pilot’s luggage are from Travelpro.

Whether it is a suitcase or a backpack, it is a proven fact that Travelpro made it. So the question you ask is; Is Travelpro luggage good quality? The answer is right there before your eyes, absolutely!

If the quality of Travelpro luggage was inferior as many would want you to believe. All the major airports worldwide wouldn’t be over populated with their products. For many years elite members of the travel industry has trusted Travelpro. To supply them with well made luggage that is sure to stand the test of time.

The founder of the company was once a commercial pilot, he knew the exact expectation of luggage. And he got it correct with every release. So, this one is one of the many great products that the brand has brought to the forefront.

Travelpro Crew Executive Choice 3 Backpack

If you are searching for a well built backpack that will maintain a perfect form, This is it. Look no further because that search is considered over at this point. This is the most updated Travelpro backpack on the market.

I present to you the all new Travelpro Crew Executive Choice 3 Backpack. Currently the hottest on the market, not even hot bread sells faster than this. The proof is everywhere, this backpack started out as an industry secret. Hospitality professionals never hesitated to make it their first choice.

Now, the public is well aware of this marvelous piece of equipment. As a result to get your hands on one of these is like trying to buy the latest pair of Jordans. Unfortunately, that’s how it is.

The reason why Travelpro Crew Executive Choice 3 Backpack is the best selling professional backpack

This is not single backpack it is a complete family of professional bags and backpacks. Unlike many backpacks on the market this is not a one size fit all. There is an option for everybody. You now have the freedom to choose what size you would like without losing out on the quality.

Your gadgets will be happy to stashed away inside of the Travelpro Crew Executive Choice 3. Thanks to the availability of an external USB port as well as power bank pocket. You won’t have to worry about your gadgets having a dead battery. As long as you have a proper powerbank that can supply the needed amount of power to your devices you will be ok.

The power bank compartment will support most portable power banks. Not to mention the all new innovative upgrades made to the usb compatibilities. You can use both USB-A and USB-C, this feature will allow your devices to charge very fast. Speaking about innovation. I must highlight that you can Travel without the fear of identity theft. Thanks to the RFID-blocking technology your passport and credit cards will be safe. airport fraudsters won’t be able to steal your identity.

Airpod compartment is a feature that will be useful to you if you have Apple AirPods.

Made with high-quality nylon fabric plus a DuraGuard coating. Stain and abrasion resistance is a benefit you will enjoy. This is by far a well constructed backpack, it will maintain form. Even when placed under your seat for an extended period of time.

Any laptop or tablet that is up to 15.6″ in size can fit into the laptop sleeve. This is a feature that will allow you to be more organized, while protecting your device.

Travelpro Crew Executive Choice 3 has different varieties for you to choose from

This is a collection that you do not want to miss out on. Within it there is a selection for everybody, the best so far. In total you have four different backpacks to choose from. They all have the same superior quality, only the styles differ.

As you can see in the above illustration. The Travelpro Crew Executive Choice 3 has four different sizes. We know by now that the other three backpacks are similar in style and features. But lets take a moment to preview the women’s tote, the interior is top notch and is of supreme quality

The straps are 10” leather handles

Overall, the women’s tote is an amazing

The reason why you should own a Travelpro Crew Executive Choice 3 Backpack

Listen, if people in the industry genuinely believes in the product that means it’s a good product. That statement applies to all industries. Delta Airlines to my knowledge is a premium airline company. On your next trip to the airport you will see their staff with these same Travelpro backpacks. This makes one believe that this must be a great product.

Must of the major airlines use these backpacks and bag, people have been catching on. You too much get one for yourself, you have nothing to lose. Their warranty policy is amazing, this is an offer that is irresistible.

If your Travelpro® luggage fails to meet your expectations for any reason, you may return it for a full refund within 100 days, no questions asked. We’ll even pay the return shipping.

Where to buy Travelpro Crew Executive Choice 3 Backpack

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