Water resistant backpack: Buyers guide and product review

water resistant backpack

The wet season is here and probably here to stay. Just kidding, it might not rain all year long but what is known for sure is that it will rain at any given time. For people on the go you need to get yourself a water resistant backpack if you haven’t gotten one already. Luggage Maniac urges you all to consider owning a water resistant backpack. When it rains it pours, don’t be sorry be safe.

A water resistant backpack will allow you to breath a sigh of relief, especially when walking outside in the rain. Enjoy the protection your new water resistant backpack will provide you.

Wait, what protection is Luggage Maniac talking about? That’s quiet easy, your documents as well as your gadgets will be fully protected from being damped or even soaked by rainfall.

There are several different characteristics between all backpacks, the differences are plain and easy to identify. Not all backpacks are made equally also not all backpack brands are the same. So for the greater good of all proud Luggage Maniac supporters, we encourage and urge you to invest into the acquisition of a water resistant backpack.

Especially if you are employed within a high demand field of work. You have to be present even when it is raining, that often means that you might have no other choice but to walk in the pouring rain to your destination.

Additionally, many of us do not have a problem with walking in the pouring rain to where ever our destination may be. But we share the same common fear, which is; we are scared that whatever is in our backpack will get wet and even damaged while walking in the rain.

Water resistant backpacks are Stylish

Being water resistant is a huge benefit that any backpack could ever provide to you. But unfortunately many people has been made to believe that water resistant backpacks are just plain, lame backpacks that can resist water penetration when outside traveling in the rain. Well this here is your official wake up call, because you must be sleeping if you didn’t know that water resistant backpacks are stylish.

Don’t you ever be tricked to feel like just because a backpack has beneficial features such as being water resistant. It doesn’t mean that it wont look good, you will be surprised to see that backpacks that are water resistant.

Water resistant backpacks are unisex

That is absolutely right there is no boundaries associated with a water resistant backpack. No need to worry about looking out place while wearing your resistant backpack. Not to mention the fact that their are no color barriers attached to water resistant backpacks. Water resistant backpacks are available in a variety of neutral colors.

Once again, no matter what gender you are a water resistant backpack is the right backpack for you.

Here is the perfect water resistant backpacks for your consideration

Your favorite luggage blog went ahead and did all the hassling work for you. Also, please be aware that this publication is liable to be updated at any given moment. That means that more superior quality water resistant backpacks will be added as soon as they are discovered.

Continue reading to learn more.

Under Armour Men’s Hustle Ld Water Resistant Backpack

View this Under Armour water resistant backpack on Amazon.

Do you remember the segment of this publication when you learned that water resistant backpacks are stylish?

Well here is solid evidence to support that claim. What Luggage Maniac presents to the world is the Under Armour men’s hustle ld water resistant backpack. It is a guarantee that you are going to love this one. Style, strength and durability, not to mention water resistance at a incredibly low cost. This is a water resistant backpack that you just can not continue to live your life without.

Your first water resistant backpack must be a strong one, one that is made by a brand that is reputable. With that being said, Luggage Maniac believes that Under Armour they have been providing the world with superior quality products for well over two (2) decades. Under Armour don’t plan on stopping such a successful trend either.

Now lets plunge into further detail about this remarkable Under Amour water resistant backpack.

The front of this Under Armour water resistant backpack.

The overall make and design of this backpack is phenomenal, built to last. The Under Armour men’s hustle ld water resistant backpack is made from 100% polyester. Its unbelievable how strong and durable the material is, but being that Under Armour made this backpack it is believable.

Water seems to not be the only thing this backpack resist,The Under Armour also has the surprising feature of abrasion resistance. So say goodbye to all those minor or even major abrasions.

Rear of this Under Armour water resistant backpack.

The smooth cutting-edge surface of this backpack is built for comfort and durability. Only a selected few backpacks have a smooth rear surface like this one. This is the backpack you need to own if you don’t want the back of your cotton shirts to be all scuffed up.

Only real backpack wearers and backpack enthusiasts will understand the struggle of getting the backpack of your tee-shirts scuffed up and looking like a bunch of lint. Just because the rear surface/area of your backpack is not smooth. This backpack and others with smooth rear surfaces will most definitely save the back of your Ralph Lauren Polo shirts from being defected.

The interior of this Under Armour water resistant backpack.

Now lets get to interior of this masterpiece. This is the superior quality interior that we all desire our backpacks to be made with. The Under Armour men’s hustle ld water resistant backpack has ample amount of storage space your daily needs. That is a proven fact, whether it be carrying your 15″ MacBook Pro or even your 3 pounds a piece textbooks this backpack will faithfully serve you. Oh snap!, not to mention bringing your clothes. You can skillfully pack this Under Armour backpack to the max with your clothes and go camping.

Ok, with that being discussed lets get to the moment you all have been waiting for; the pros and the cons of this marvelous Under Armour water resistant backpack. First of all lets kick it off with the pros then we pack and go to the cons.

Pros of the Under Armour men’s hustle ld water resistant backpack

  • Abrasion resistant.
  • Made from 100% durable polyester material.
  • Fully water resistant.
  • Very lightweight.
  • Cutting-edge padded slot store laptop securely.
  • Two precision made water bottle slots.
  • Built to last straps.
  • Will not defect the back of your tee-shirts.

Cons of the Under Armour men’s hustle ld water resistant backpack

  • Not available in a large variety of colors.


The Under Armour men’s hustle ld water resistant backpack is an immaculate water resistant backpack for all. By purchasing this backpack you can not go wrong. This is the definition of value, the real bang for the buck.

Go ahead and don’t hesitate to enjoy the comfort this incredible backpack is going to provide you with. Yes my friend, this Under Armour backpack is extremely comfortable. So comfortable you wont even remember that you have a backpack on your back.

So, whether you are a student or a young business executive the Under Armour men’s hustle ld water resistant backpack is the perfect backpack for you. Go ahead and try it out today.

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The Luggage Maniac’s Conclusion

luggage maniac

No matter where you live there will be rainfall. Sometimes heavy and sometimes not so heavy. Regardless of how much it rains there is a possibility that you get caught in the rain. That is why Luggage Maniac took it to the next level to suggest that you get yourself a water resistant backpack.

It is absolutely better to be safe than sorry, best to be prepared than to be unprepared. Without a doubt you will be travelling with your important documents as well as your laptop. In this case you must make the ultimate decision of upgrading to a water resistant backpack. Additionally, there is no need for you to be stressing about finding the right one. With the help of this publication America’s leading luggage blog has already done the work for you.

Now you know about this Under Amour water resistant backpack its time for you to go ahead and get yourself one today!

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