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First of all, we would like to take this brief moment to welcome you to America’s favorite luggage blog. It is a pleasure to be having you here with us once again, we hope that you have already packed and ready to go with us. The main discussion will be about different backpacks, the high quality backpacks. We go crazy about luggage and we also are very obsessed with backpacks.

This love for different backpacks has lead us to be very upset when we encounter low quality backpacks. We love high quality backpacks mainly for there durability and comfort, as well as the stylishness and protection they offer for our gadgets.

On a daily basis we use different backpacks, truthfully speaking backpacks are a necessity in the life America’s favorite luggage blog- luggage maniac. Best believe that without our backpacks we can’t cant operate efficiently as we wont be able to transport our laptops and gadgets.

Buying a low quality backpack is a total waste of valuable time and hard earned money. Best to save up and purchase a high quality backpack, a backpack that is built to last. In most case you set out to buy a backpack but you just don’t know what to look for when buying a backpack.

There are a number of features that you should pay keen attention to when buying a backpack, so you can ensure that the backpack is of the highest quality. When buying a backpack the durability of the backpack is the first concern, or should be.

You should always aim to buy the strongest backpack, not necessarily the outlandishly looking or the cheapest. The latter is often times equivalent to low quality, believe it.

While there are many backpack brands out there doing a tremendous job of providing the world with backpacks. There is a selected few backpack brands that have earn there position to be popular backpack brands.

Not to mention the hard work these popular backpack brands has done by consistently fulfilling our demand for their backpacks. On the same token, while a selected few backpack brands are known to be popular their popularity doesn’t always translate to brands being the best backpack brands.

Luggage maniac will most definitely be discussing with you the best backpack brands, but that is for another publication.

Back to popular backpack brands, these backpack brands that are considered to be popular are without a doubt known for providing the world with high-quality backpacks. Not to mention affordable prices, popular backpack brands provide us with their high quality backpacks at very affordable price.

So with that being said, luggage maniac has arrived at the conclusion that popular backpack brands are dominantly popular because of the following reason.

[su_highlight]They provide us with high quality backpacks at affordable prices.[/su_highlight]

Luggage maniac’s conclusion seems to be quite accurate, as it does make a lot of sense. Because providing high quality backpacks at a affordable rate will lead to more people buying these affordable backpacks. Therefore, Many people worldwide will be owners of these high quality affordable backpacks. Which will in the end lead to the popularity of a selected few backpack brands.


Nike orange logo

We all know Nike, we all have worn Nike clothing and shoes some point in our lives. But not all of us have worn a Nike backpack, for some strange reason. Maybe its just that some of us just prefer other backpack brands oppose to Nike, what all of us can testify to is that Nike is a very popular backpack brand.

Nike is so popular that it was the very first backpack brand that came to mind thinking about popular backpack brands. Nike has so much variety of backpacks its so hard to choose which one you definitely want, you might end up purchasing two Nike backpacks for yourself.- Nike backpacks are that captivating and irresistible.

Not to mention the fact that if you are a huge sports fan of basketball and even soccer you will be obsessed with Nike backpacks. Why?, simply because of there custom sports team design/styled backpacks.

Nike collaborates with most of our favorite basketball athletics therefore a lot of Nike backpacks are inspired by Nike sponsored basketball players.


adidas logo

We love everything that is adidas, every single adidas product is precious like goal to us. Not to mention Adidas backpacks, we love Adidas backpacks they are a masterpiece.

Adidas backpacks are very popular, so popular that around the world people debate about Adidas backpacks being better than Nike backpacks. Truthfully speaking Luggage Maniac personally owns backpacks from adidas, use them daily as well.


Reebok large logo

Reebok being a top contender for many years, not just for clothing and shoes. The brand Reebok is the creator of some very lovely backpacks, just like Nike and Adidas they have been a household name for several decades and counting.

We love Reebok, their backpacks are equally amazing as well. Reebok backpacks are forever relevant and stylish, with a doubt you can count on reebok backpacks for that athletic style and durability.

The North Face

the north face logo

The North Face has built there brand name around clothing, specifically windbreakers and winter jackets and etc. This a brand you can trust, they are yet to disappoint us with their craftsmanship.

Therefore, when luggage maniac exposes to the world that The North Face makes some of the best backpacks on the face of the earth. The world must pack such statement in their brains securely, just like luggage.

Another Luggage maniac conclusion is that The North Face is premium quality brand, therefore all of their products are of the latter. Just looking at a backpack made by The North Face you will see is a backpack designed for a lifetime of daily use.

Under Armour

Under armour logo

Following nearly two decades relentless and tremendous work, the brand Under Armour has worked it’s way to international popularity.

Under Armour as a brand is well known for there presence in the sporting arena, Under Armour is a sports brand. Therefore, it is of no surprise that Under Armour creates some amazing backpacks.

With co-signs from many high profile athletes over the past decade. The world has began to give Under Amour a lot of attention. Quality is also of high standard at Under Armour, they use some of the strongest materials to make their backpacks.


Herschel logo

A relatively new brand, Herschel was founded in the year 2009 in Vancouver, Canada. Don’t let the age of the brand fool you at all, not because they haven’t been around as long as many doesn’t mean that they are not a popular brand.

Herschel is by far a major brand, Herschel has worked their way to become a popular backpack brand. Not just in Vancouver, Canada but worldwide. Herschel backpacks are popular worldwide, this is very evident within major cities around the world especially New York City.

Herschel backpacks while popular across all demographics, they tend have a wealth of popularity among college students worldwide. It seems like Herschel backpacks are the official college backpacks- Assumed by Luggage Maniac.

Types of backpacks

You might not be aware of the fact that there are a few different types of backpacks. Therefore not all backpacks are made equally as well as not all backpacks are made for the same purpose. Every single backpack has a specific purpose, regardless of using them for any desire.

Now, America’s favorite luggage blog has chose to provide you all with the knowledge you need. Luggage Maniac will be sharing with you all the different types of backpacks.

Laptop backpacks

Laptop backpacks are some very stylish backpacks that are made for carrying your laptops and other gadgets. Laptop backpacks aren’t just for carrying around your gadgets, laptop backpacks have become a fashion craze worldwide.

Many people have been sporting laptop backpacks as a fashion accessory, laptop backpacks are that stylish. Laptop backpacks come in many different colors and styles as well, not just the regular square gray business design.

Hiking backpacks

Hiking backpacks are incredibly strong backpacks that are special made to endure the demanding conditions of hiking. Hiking backpacks with ample amount of space for even a frying pan as well as a nice size water canteen.

The materials that are used to make hiking backpacks has to be very durable as well as water resistant. Often times we find ourselves hiking in some very mountainous rocky terrains. Therefore in an accidental event occurs in which our hiking backpack was to fall on sharp edged rock it wont tear open, because the material is very strong and durable.

Additional, hiking backpacks that are water-resistant are huge life savers. As well hiking heavy rains can suddenly start to fall, also an accident may occur where you drop your hiking backpack into a body of water whether big or small.

Cycling backpacks

For all the cyclist and daily bicycle riders, cycling backpacks are backpacks that are compact and comfortable for cyclists and bicycle riders.

Cycling backpacks are great to own, as they were specially made for cycling. Cycling with a regular backpack is very stressful, also it is very uncomfortable to ride a bicycle with a regular backpack. Because regular backpacks are bigger in size it makes the cycling experience a bit of a hassle instead of fun and rejuvenating.

Military/tactical backpacks

Military/tactical backpacks are for many of us who are fascinated with the arm forces, or just call of duty and PUBG.

People in the arm forces love them and many people globally that are not in the arm forces love military/tactical backpacks as well. Since playing PUBG, we have fell in love with backpacks that resemble the level 3 backpack.

Once again, you don’t have to be in the military to own a military/tactical backpack, its all about your personal preference. Wearing military backpacks has become a global fashion trend among mostly men.

Drawstring backpacks

A backpack that has been around for ages, drawstring backpacks are getting outdated anytime soon.

Having a drawstring backpack always come in handy in desperate times when we just need a backpack to bring our game console or just random stuff. Drawstring backpacks also come in handy for sports players, especially soccer players. As before and after the game you can store your soccer cleats/boots in your drawstring backpack, as well as sheng guards and socks.

When full and heavy drawstring backpacks can be very uncomfortable on the shoulders, because the weight of your particulars will be pulling the drawstring. As a result the drawstring will hurt you and even burn you because it is often times made from nylon.

Duffel backpacks

In urban culture duffel backpacks or duffel bags are known to be associated with carrying large sums of money, instead of luggage. Thanks to many celebrities and socialites such as Floyd Mayweather and many more.

Duffel backpacks have also been classified as gym bags, once again it all comes down to your use of your duffel backpacks as well as your personal preference.

Tote backpacks

While being a predominantly female backpack, tote backpacks are available in various styles that are unisex.

Tote backpacks are small and neat, sexy is the best way to classify tote backpacks. When wearing a tote backpack don’t expect to pack your laptop in it, as the space is very limited.

As a result women love these backpacks for there neatness and often times their stylish designs. Women use tote backpacks to bring their personal stuff as well as make up and phone.

Wheeled backpacks

These backpacks are often referred to as mini-suitcases, because of their suitcase like appearance. Wheeled backpacks have always been relevant, due to the convenience that they provide.

You can pack a wheeled backpack to the max and not really worry about it being heavy on your back, as you can easily roll the backpack along with you. We all have had a friend when we were growing up that brought a wheeled backpack to school.

The Luggage Maniac’s Conclusion

Their many different backpack brands out there but it all narrows down to the backpack brands being chose by many consumers worldwide. We all feel safer to buy a backpack from one of the popular backpack brands vs a new upcoming backpack brand.

We love the popular backpack brands and that love will never change. Many new backpack brands sell their business and entire backpack designs to the bigger more established backpack brands. It makes sense as it is very difficult for a new backpack company to compete with any of the popular backpack brands. Not to mention other established backpack brands that have excessive amounts of resources to invest.

Also, we took time out to discuss a little about the different types of backpacks.

Overall Luggage Maniac sincerely hope that this publication was useful to you all. We pride ourselves as being America’s favorite luggage blog. As a result we dedicate our precious time to provide America and the World with top ranking quality publications.

We urge you all to share this publication on all of your favorite social media platforms.

Thank you all.

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